Bioptic glasses /diabetic drivers

Any diabetic still drive and wear bioptic glasses?

Just what is a “bioptic” set of glasses??? No clue…

Bioptic glasses are glasses that help low vision people drive a car or watch things from a distance. I’m trying to see if I can get bioptic glasses and learn how to drive.

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Thanks. Interesting development. Does it help?!..

If my eye doctor gives me the thumbs up. I’m going to get me some bioptic glasses so I can learn how to drive a car.

My vision is too low for driving with bioptics, but I have tried bioptics (Ocutech products) in the past as a general low vision aid. I believe only some states allow for bioptic driving (I don’t believe Canada, where I’m from, allows bioptic driving), and specialized low vision training is required as part of the process. Good luck in your journey. I don’t know anyone who has driven using bioptics so would be curious to hear how it goes.


Thank you. I live in California and there are allot of bioptic driver. Also, I found bioptic drivers on Youtube and Facebook groups.

Maine doesn’t allow them. Nancy