Birth control and blood sugars

I was recently placed on low dose birth control for crazy blood sugars around the time of my period and ovarian cysts. My blood sugars are much higher on the pill anyone else have experience with this? I desperately appreciate any and all feedback thanks so much! Today was my last day on this pack of pills and trying to decide whether I should continue or discontinue takin

Hi Lil,
I use Lo Seasonique and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. You only get your period about 4 times a yr, like the seasons. It has taken away the aches, pains, moods, fatigue, bg swings, etc. Now, I only get them once in a blue moon. I am SO happy I tried this. I have had no negative side effects at all, just good ones. Ask your dr about it. Hope it helps!

When I went on the pill after my daughter was born my BGs went way up around what they were when I was pregnant. It totally jacked with my BGs. My husband is getting the big V on Feb 9th, so yay no more anything…

Pregnancy messed with my BGs much more than the pill ever did, but I went off it. Thank goodness we have stayed within the 97% on the package. :slight_smile:

What birth control were you using? Are you still using them? My doc suggesting spirtec. Am wondering if it causes high sugars and/or weight gain.

This is a strange fix in my opinion. Hormonal birth control prevents you from ovulating and therefore from forming new cysts. Most ovarian cysts do resolve on their own, however, with regular ovulations. Treating decreased insulin sensitivity during menses with hormonal birth control has in itself has the potential to raise your blood sugar, but continuously. Additionally, use of hbc can, over time, lead to high blood pressure thus increasing a diabetic woman’s chances of eye and kidney disease. If you don’t absolutely need the birth control action of the pill I recommend sympto-thermal charting so you can confirm when you ovulate, and anticipate your menstruation. It is then easy to learn to adjust your insulin regimen for times of hormone shifts, such as menses. It is an important skill to acquire for all diabetic women because the same you would have to do during pregnancies and menopause. Charting is a powerful health monitoring tool for women, I can point you into the right direction to get started with it if you are interested, I am a certified charting instructor.

I want to share one story with you. It’s something another than diabetes, but it’s connected with the mother and her daughter. She is a very good friend of mine. During her pregnancy, she used to smoke marijuana. Her child doesn’t have any visual defects or chronic diseases. But I am worried about another thing. Can she have a predisposition for becoming addicted from drugs? I am trying to find all the appropriate information on different sites. But it’s hard to do it. My friend suggested me to visit but there is nothing connected with my issues. Do you know any resources I can share my problem there with others?