(Women and Diabetes Question) Period Problems?

I have always had trouble with my blood sugar leading up to and during my period. The only way I have ever found to solve this problem is to simply not have my period. So I take a birth control pill continuouly, and only get my period every 5 months. Has anyone else had issues with their blood sugar and periods, and what soulutions have you discovered???

I have different basal rates before and during than teh rest of the time. The morning I wake with inexplicable high bg I take the higher morning dose. 4 days later, I do a smaller than usual dose. Then when I wake with a high bg, I go back to my normal dose. That is my schedule. We are all different.

I personally would try to stay away from birth control pills only because they increase your chances of having a stroke.

I have increased BG levels around that time also so I just try to eat very low carb. I think its the hormones for me. Your body is going through a change, BG levels are so sensative anything and everything triggers it. If you want to stop taking your BC then I suggest you speak with your OB and Endo about different options.

I have higher BG the week leading up to, and the week of my cycle. I have to increase my basal, test my BG more frequently, and eat low carb. That’s all that I’ve figured on adjusting. I haven’t had my cycle since July 2010, though, so we’ll see what happens after baby comes out. haha. Maybe it’ll be different.

Yes, this is definitely a problem for me, less so when I was on birth control. I haven’t figured out any great ways to deal with it as my cycle is not that predictable and sometimes I get widly high BS and sometimes I don’t. SOmetimes I get low during my period and sometimes I don’t. When I am high and I suspect the reason in premenstrual, I eat lower carb and correct more often.

I am going through this right now. My blood sugar is crazy high and spiking all over the place. I can’t seem to get it down sometimes, no matter how much insulin I take.

I over bolus by 2-3 units if I know I’m going to be eating carbs, I have to temp increase 25% other wise. When I was on the depo shot for 2 years I had perfect blood sugars. Now coming off the depo was a blood sugar nightmare and the pill makes me more insulin resistant all the time. So I go without bc (don’t worries, multiple forms of alternative bc are in place) and keep a very detailed calendar of symptoms and weight. I’ve found that the day that I’m magically a pound or 2 lighter is the day I’ve ovulated and 2 days after ovulation temp increase begins slowly for the following 5 days, then it’s jacked up to 25% until the end of my period.


Hi i am new here…i just want to ask is there any relation between our periods and insulin unit we women take before the periods time…??
I have heard this for the very first time that insulin units affect periods…
i got less bleeding from last few months.
Does any bOdy have any idea?? And want to share something rgarding this?

I bump up all my dosages during that time - I’m on a pump.