Birthday Mess!

Well this lil blog is jus so i can get this into the open b4 i scream!!! Ok…so it was my bday, and i got a little drunk and i couldnt see for toffee and all i wanted to do was sleep it off but no, my ‘so called friends’ found it funny to get my blood glucose monitor out an start stabbin me with my lancets to make me come round, then the one decides to drop the monitor and i’m too drunk to even notice i’m being turned into a watering can and that my ‘friends’ have wasted all my tests strips!!! Not only that but i’m Epileptic aswel and really needed my tablets or sleep before i had a fit but they wouldnt let me go home cause they was too busy stabbin me with my lancets!!! well i didnt find it very funny and i aint laughin now cause my fingers feel like they bin shut in a door and why on earth wud they stab me in my arms?! … friends eh? dnt think so!!! … rant over. =) Thankin u please.

Sounds like fun… :stuck_out_tongue:
I was lucky. When I was in college, my best friend (whom I always went out with when I was drinking) was a pre-med major and pretty much knew everything about taking care of me. She didn’t go into medicine, but she is an Emergency Medical Technician now and works another job, so she’s still always watching out for me.
Have you thought about having a “designated watcher”? Maybe someone who doesn’t always get wasted when partying, and you can teach them the diabetic basics? It helps, and then you don’t have to worry about not having any fun. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this experience! Who wants to be stabbed with lancets? We all hate it when we HAVE to do it!

I’m with Cara, I think that you should find a good friend to be watching over you if you’re going to be drinking— preferably someone who won’t get drunk… I used to have my friend do that and it gave me a sense of security and then he/she could stop people from doing stupid things like this!!

Are you going to talk to them about it ?

Well… i do have someone that keeps an eye on me but she went home early that nite as she had to be up for work!!.. i’m usually fine though and able to stay in control of everything… but hey, was my birthday lol.
I did talk to them about it but they turned it into a big joke, me an my friends dnt do serious lol. Thanks for reading this =)