My Life's a mess!

So Sorry for being gone so long. My life is really just a big mess right now. I have 7 children 5 of whom I have adopted, well any way long story short as possible 4 of them are teens now 13-17, My 15 yr old daughter is out of control and i swear she is trying to give me a nervous break down. She is acting out and had been since about 13. She lies about everything under the sun, steals everything she can get her hands on and now she is boy crazy. She has run away and now i find out she is sneaking boys into her room at night while we sleep. I have been a mess the past week cause i just don’t know what to do with her. She has therapy 3 times a week but they can talk until they are Blue in the face this girl isn’t gonna change. Any way I was so gun ho about my diet and my meds but that got shot right out the window. I have an appointment July 7 to get an insulin pump, I’m real nervous i don’t know much at all about them. It feels like i have failed with my Diabetes if it’s come to this. But really I can’t get a moment to think I can never stay on top of it when I am being pulled in 300 different direction. I’m sure you mom’s out there can relate.

Holy Cow! Seven Kids. I sure hope that your Hubby lends a Big hand. I also hope that you get a chance for a respite since most of your Children are adopted. That should allow you. You must have some “interesting” times at your place.

Pumps aren’t magical but there are many Pumpers here to help you along. Look at pumping in a positive way. Don’t look at it as a last resort or chances are you’ll make the learning process more difficult. Look at it as a new beginning for better blood sugar numbers. Find respite somewhere!! You’ll need quiet to focus on learning. Best of Luck!! Welcome back!!

Tina - don’t put yourself down!!! Never, ever do that. You’ve got 7 kids - and I fret over having 2 cats - like - hello - all I have to contend with is an occassional World Guiness sized furball - or a scratch on my skin. You’ve got alot going on - and I envy you in away that you have so much of yourself to give to your family! I would have loved to have adopted kids, but my 2nd husband isn’t a lover of children (he’s one himself sometimes).

Anyway, as Terrie says - pumps are the bee all of things - as the saying goes. It sometimes in the beginning - takes more effort/time to get the pump working for you - as you’re the brains behind how it will help you. Try to get your family to understand and perhaps help you in achieving your goals you want out of diabetes. I know when I worked at school with kids - kids were always interested in how my blood sugars were doing - and we kept a little chart so they could keep track of me. That was so sweet of them.

Have you picked up the copy of John Walsh’s book called Pumping Insulin? If not, either your doctor/diabetic educator will mention it to you - if not - ask them about it. It’s the bible of insulin pumpers and MDI folks (I used the book a few years prior to going onto the pump - even before I thought I was going to go one!).

Anyway, we’re all here for you!!! Hang in there.

Oh glad to see when we was talking about a pump you really took it into consideration. As far as your kids go I think separate counseling might be a good thing for you right now. It might help you deal with your own emotions and also how to deal with all those kids and the trials they put you through. I go to counseling myself to deal with my oldest and how he torments me. Darn bratt!! LOL

Thank you all for your support and advice I take it all very seriously because I always feel so lost with it all.

OK were do I start…I hate to say it but your daughter will have to have some tough love coming at her. First, if you have to call the cops if you find a strange boy in your home. If at that time she acts out and the cops see this they will take her in to show her a lesson if she never went to Juvenile before. My daughter had to learn the hard way. Just over one boy.

But you know, take her with you somewhere nice just you two…so you two can talk. If you think, theres going to be some yelling than go to yours or her room. Mines just wanted me to stop taking in kids period and spend more time with them. It was hard, but once the last of the other kids left and on their own…I started to see what my kids were saying.

Maybe the diabetes is hard for your daughter to cope with knowing that one day you might not be here. That must really scare her. Stay calm and cool around the children don’t let them see you frustrated. If of course, you are willing to talk to all of them at that moment and let them know that you are handling alot for that day and need their help.

If you have working age children, than let them go and find a part time job so that they can have some money to buy clothes and be prepared for school when it starts again. Also if they could help pay on a small bill, this will show them some responsibility and to feel that they are doing something important.

There is going to be alot of new stuff for you to experience with your children, just know that you are strong and you are going to make it.

My oldest is a rap song writer and producer of his own label with his wife. My second son, he is in the Navy. Doing good for the past 2 year and a half. My third child, my oldest daughter is in college. My forth child, my baby daughter is a senior this year. She is going to be going to college next year, she is also hard of hearing and has conquered alot.

All these children have taught me alot…they all are different. As for the children that I saved, some in college, some are new parents, some are doing what they do best being themselves and to be free to learn from their mistakes. It will be alright, always know in your heart that without you were are they going to be.

The 15 year old should go somewhere and learn first hand what it will be like without you. She’ll definetly snap.

Keep in touch with me, and many successes being a mother. Patti

We could tell each other stories. Hang in there! My first is now 18 and staying in Foster Care til he graduates from High School in 2 years. ( I still have to pay childsupport for him until then!) My second son is following down the wrong path for different reasons. The whole neighborhood wants him gone and there is nothing I can do legally. He will stay home until “someone” finds a better place for him. :stuck_out_tongue: Home is good to show kids we love them! Then, I have five more kiddos. some sweet some rebellious. They are all my biological kids. They drive me nuts and my blood pressure and blood sugar goes sky high.
My husband is deployed and Tricare stinks. Of course, so do all the debts of UN employment for the past year and a half.
One day, things will get better. Meanwhile, keep posting and we’ll keep figuring out what to do one step at a time.