Bleeding at the infusion site

Has anyone experienced bleeding at the infusion site? This is the 2nd time my daughter has had this happen. When she pulls the cannula out it starts to bleed, bad.

My daughter has ‘nicked’ a vein before with her site. Once she did bleed pretty bad, we had her lie down and put a towel with pressure on it. When we called her peds endo ( who also has Type 1 and is on the same pump, btw) she said that has happened to her. Her doctor said once it even spurted across her bathroom. They are hitting a vein. With the time it was pretty bad for my daughter we could see a bit of blood where the cannula/site was before taking it out. She was saying that it was hurting, and she never complains about her site. She uses the quickset with the MiniMed pump. The site was on her abdomen, which she alternates abdomen and backside.
I hope this helps. Maybe check with your daughters endo to see if they have any suggestions for what to do to prevent or changing the type of site??

I’ve had this happen a few times, with blood running down all over my clothes. I think it just depends on if it hits a blood vessel. I just put pressure on it until it stops, and there’s usually a bruise afterwards, but no long term problems.

it happens to both my sons once in a while, but they feel right right away that the site is “wrong” and pull it out. they know from experience that a site that feels bad right away will not work the right way. both of them have been on the pump for about 6 years, so they have developed “site intuition”, whether they always listen to their intuition or not is another story.

My Daughter has the mini-med and uses the quickset and it has happened to her as well. We usually put something on it for a few min. with pressure and it stops pretty quickly. I have had it where we have nicked a vein and it bled pretty bad but it did stop. My DD (5yr old at the time)thought that all of her blood would come out of her. Once she understood that wouldn’t happen she actually thought it was interesting. (Yes my kid is a little crazy but it makes life interesting)