Infusion Site Bleed Out

Has anyone ever had an infusion site bleed a great deal after removing an infusion set? I took out an infusion set last night, looked down at my white shirt a few minutes later and it literally looked as though I had been stabbed. The site is totally fine today. Very bizarre.

Yes. Sometimes it even spouts like a water fountain. There was a discussion about this in the Pumpers forum a few months ago. Probably means you hit some capillary right on. It happens and it is not a big deal. I still have a couple of spots on a wall when it really spouted (some day I will repaint).

I’ve definitely had those, they usually sting like crazy when I put in the set.

And now a personal plug lol, tell me if you think this would help:

Thanks so much, everyone. I am fairly new to the pump, so it is good to know that this is relatively normal.
Roman - My volume is broken here at work, so I am going to watch your video at home. Thanks for attaching the link.

It used to happen to me, especially when I forget to change my site so it stay for like 4 or 5 days until I changed and BOOM!
However since I moved to use Apidra instead of Humalog I hardly had any, may be cause I change my site on time! lol

hehe you can always paint the walls red Jonathan. Ya I only run into problems if the site gets infected… then there is a uncorking action that happens when I remove the quickset

I’m working on my dotted pattern – in my Pollack phase.

I LOVE the idea of this, what a great idea! I could totally use something like this like right now!

Mine almost always bleeds a little, especially after I swab it with alcohol. Once in a while I get a gusher. When I do, I hold a Kleenex on it with a little pressure. Praise the LORD, I’ve never needed a transfusion. ;^)

Yep. I had a gusher this morning, after removing my infusion set.

I had grown so found of that infusion site. It didn’t itch or sting, my insulin absorption was excellent … which is maybe why I left it in at least 4 days.

The good news is, I didn’t drip on my work pants, but I nearly grabbed the cat’s tail to sop up the flow. There is never a tissue handy when I need one …

I’m using the omnipod and at my first visit for the training, they sent me home with a pod with saline in it to play with and get used to the settings. When I removed it (my very first pod), I gushed blood all over the place. Scared the crap out of me. At my next training vistit, I told them I was not sure about this if this was a common occurance. They assurerd me that it was not and it has not happened again.

What an assume idea.It would make pumping much more easier for us pumpers.I am always hitting blood vessels.

You know, I read the title to this thread and the song “Wipeout” started going through my head…

and yes, I have bled like a stuck pig on a couple of occasions.

thats only happened once so far. It stopped & everything was fine