Bleeding with last inset

Early am I had eaten a snack, bg was crashing so shut off basal, it stabilized and I resumed after 15 minutes with my normal rate. Finger stick was 98 going down. An hour later I see it spiking, test and it is 190 going up. I decide maybe it’s the inset but there is no pain etc. first I did a correction to stop a major spike. As I remove the inset blood is literally gushing everywhere, I blotted it for a while with tissues, and eventually put my new inset in. I have a blue bruise where the needle was and the whole area is swollen and yellow and itchy.

Any ideas why this suddenly came on? I had one that bled a bit in the past but this was crazy.

I put a new otc topical antibiotic on it with tetracycline which is supposed to be better than the others and which cost a fortune and I’m hoping it will heal well.

I ended up having to wait 2-3 hours to go to sleep to do another correction since bg sat at 200 or more but at one point it seemed to be dropping so I still wasn’t sure If the original correction was working or if it all came out with the blood.

You hit a blood vessel. It happens from time to time and the first can scare you a bit. Insulin doesn’t absorb as it should so the numbers will be a little off when it happens. Oh the life of a pumper! LOL :grinning:

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Thanks :blush: the inset was already in for 2 days and a half but bg was ok until then when it spiked. It’s strange if I hit a blood vessel going in that there was no effect until 2-3 days later. Yeah it was pretty scary with all the blood, I was wondering what to do if it wouldn’t stop bleeding etc :flushed::joy_cat:

Yeah, pretty scary the first time it happens. My first time, I was ready to panic because it seemed like it was gushing out. But holding a tissues on it and pushing down, got it to stop and yes I had a bruise. But the times it happens on removal of an infusion set, I have never noticed any blood sugar issues. You could have gotten a kink which caused more damage when pulling it out. Sorry to hear about the scary incident but it sounds like all is good in your diabetes world now. :blush:

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Thanks Sally, I dont think this was a kink because I use steel insets- kinks were the reason I switched because I nearly went into dka territory a few times. I’ve never had kinks with the steel needle and there was no sign of damage etc. I think I waited too long to rmeove it so that could have been a factor too, and I’ve been having severe allergic reactions to dex and sometimes to the other portion of the contact detach prolly to the glue so I’m using sensimist and sensimist and duoderm for dexcom.