Pain with Inset and big drop of insulin?

Hello Everyone,

I had pain with the last inset and it got worse today. When I changed it with the pump reminder and as I pulled it off there was a big drop of insulin sitting there, it was so odd, when I totally pulled it out blood came out. But my bg wasn't high. Although I had a post low spike, maybe, which kept me up all night trying to lower it after a really good day and a half or so, and I wonder if I wasn't really getting enough with all the pump corrections to bring it down?

The odd thing was I had a cannula bent at a right angle which absolutely gushed blood when I removed it and my bg was spiking up so no insulin was getitng in then, but I had no pain with that. While this site looked definitely irritated.Yesterday I actually noticed pain right after boluses for meals, which are much larger than my basal doses.

I'm wondering if I'm going to need to change insets. This is so stressful dealing with all of this but at least my bg didn't go up this time- I just wonder why since it looked like at least 2 units didn't get into me maybe?

If you have any pain after inserting a new inset do you change it right away? I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea to change it right away. I will be asking my cde/doc also of course, but I'm wondering if any of you have had this issue and how you resolved it?


I have been using a pump for about 6 years and I have pain at time with my inset. Sometimes I find it goes away without any trouble but the other day I had pain and when by BG didn't go down I changed it, and there was a a bit of blood, the cannula wasn't bent though. As soon as I changed it my BG was corrected within an hour. I have had sites on my abdominal area that don't work as well- insulin has leaked out. I am not sure if it is scar tissue or I have read fat deposits can build up and make it harder for the insulin to get in.I had to ask my endo to write me prescription for more insets because I was down to literally my last inset with and had to ask that my next shipment from neighborhood diabetes be delivered 2 days early.I agree that it is stressful dealing with this!

Hi Brigid,

Thanks for your reply :-) I asked about this at a D site at FB for women, a great group btw, and they thought this time was an absorption problem, so I was getting some insulin and my bg was ok. It was so odd though really. Someone suggested changing to cleo insets which I'm going to ask my cde/trainer about because the insertion device looks like it might be easier to manage. The metal insets were the best, just insert manually and I think there are less issues with kinking etc. but more maybe with possible scarring. She thought the right angle thing can happen if you are in a funny position since it has happened to her too and she said changing every two days may be better for me.

I'm worried about that too, running out, I mean what do you do then? A tandem rep said to call them and they would try to get your local rep to get you some more.

I'm still having some pain with the latest one but my bg isn't spiking so I guess the insulin delivery is ok. The worst is when it spikes. I'm exhausted each time this happened.

Can you tell from touching/looking at areas if you have scar tissue/fat deposits? I have only been on mdi and now the pump since May 2012 so I don't think it's likely yet but I guess it's possible. I hardly ever injected in my stomach though. Someone at a real life group said he could feel the scar tissue. I have a tens unit and ultrasound so I think I may treat my inset areas and see if this helps prevent it.


When I discussed my problem with my endocrinologist she said I might want to try inset 30 so that it isn't always going in at the same angle. I don't think I could be brave enough to manually insert. When I was running super low on insets and talked to a Neighborhood Diabetes rep they called my endo for me and asked her to write a new prescription to change my site every 2 days which allows me an extra box. I get a 3 month supply. I am not sure where/how you get your pump supplies but Neighborhood Diabetes has been excellent to work with. I get a 90 day supply delivered to my house and the reps are always kind and pleasant. They serve the northeast and NY metro so you may want to check them out

I have been enable to feel any scar tissue or fat deposits but I have read that you can feel them. I was a late bloomer-LADA 1.5 and have been using a pump for around 6 years. I have not ventured to try the thigh area and hoping I won't have to.

Enjoy the day!

I may be trying an angled one again too, my cde said there is less danger of kinking and absorption issues. The manual insertion with the metal inset is very easy, it's just like injecting yourself but not painful at all, at least it wasn't for me. But I had some pain later after the inset was in for a day or so, I'm not sure why.

I will check out ND, I get my supplies from LM but I was planning to shop around and see if I can get a better price elsewhere. I'm late onset too, so not on insulin that long but I had symptoms for at least 10 years prior and should have diagnosed and on insulin much sooner.

Thanks! Hope you're enjoying the weekend, we are supposed to get more snow tonight I think.