Heck of a bad insertion site....bled like a stuck pig

Got home from work last night knowing I had to start a new reservoir and site before dinner (I hate it when it’s just before eating). Went and installed OK, no pain, left old site on left thigh to make sure this one was up and running. Started a temp bolus to get things going, ate dinner, bolused for 42 g, no warnings from pump but just before going to bed, checked again as I was feeling above normal, 320!!! Took a bunch more insulin and tested 30 minutes later, 333!!!
Unplugged and put pump on old insertion point, bolused for 1/2 of last and got up and checked an hour later (already feeling better) down to 225, took another 2.5 units and was fine this morning. While taking shower went to remove bad insertion site and that SOB started squirting blood with pulse, I’ve hit blood vessels before but they usually stop pretty quick, this kept bleeding and I figured every time I wipe it would just keep it going so I went through shower with blood running down leg for most of it. Finally stopped after about 10 minutes. Put a big patch bandaid and some ointment, any idea what I could have hit? Heck it was a Medtronic silhouette that does not go that deep!
Used a whole new site on stomach after shower…

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Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Mine was on my abdomen. Can’t tell you why it happened. Grabbed a tissue to stop the bleeding and when I pulled it away to check, blood was spurting out all over the floor. Left a bruise bigger than a golf ball which I still have.

That just happens sometimes. I’ve pumped for a lot of years and have used a CGM for many years also. It’s just the luck of the draw. It took me about 25 years or more to learn to best way to respond to that situation. I never leave an infusion site or CGM sensor in when I see blood. It almost always means trouble if I try to tough it out.

When I withdraw the offending stick I just quickly use my fingertip to apply pressure onto the exact spot for a few minutes. If you do it right away, you’ll save a bloody mess with clothes and such and you’ll catch it before much blood comes out. In the past I was always racing for a kleenex and that delay allowed plenty of blood to come out. One I started doing this I wondered what took me so long to figure this out. I think I actually saw this idea at TuDiabetes.

I’ve called Dexcom when it happens and they will send a replacement. I don’t think it even happens once per year for me.

Funny thing is , this went in, no problem, no blood or pain. It just was not working, expected to see cannula bent but it was straight as can be. Was surprised by the bleeding because of the above lack of pain.

Been there, done that, got the I do this too T-Shirt. I don’t mean to make light, it happens to all of us, and I sure hope the site has healed and you are doing well. I call mine the old Phillips (like old faithful) or Mt St. Rick (yeah I am not a saint), Or maybe a shooter.




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i have done that to many times, i hope the site is doing better or healed, & that u are doing ok,.

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