Anyone have trouble with fairly intense bleeding after CGM sensor removal? I had what I thought was a “bad” sensor, MM replaced it, and when I went to take out the bad one (as indicated by flatline readings for the most part for 36 hours), it triggered a pretty profuse bleed for several minutes. Some bleeding upon insertion, but it hadn’t seemed any worse than bleeding at other insertions for more functional sensors. All in all, I hate the blood, rather, seeing it, so I wondered if others had had the same experience (and wouldn’t mind sharing the “why”, and “what I did” about it).

WOA. Not yet. :frowning:

Hmmmm… I haven’t had this with CGM sensors (since I haven’t removed any - first one comes out later today - happy one week!), but I HAVE had that with infusion set removal. The most recent time was when I was standing on the exhibit floor at the Children with Diabetes conference, had just pulled my pod off, and had blood dripping down my elbow. “Hide me from the parents, especially parents of newly diagnosed kids!!!” was all I could think. But after a few minutes, the bleeding stops and all is well.

I think that both infusion set cannula and sensors have the ability to hit blood vessels on the way out which causes the bleeding. I get scared every time it happens, thinking that it won’t stop, but… it always does! That’s my theory at least. :slight_smile: