Blindness - what do you want to see?

I the "What do you fear?" post I've seen blindness mentioned a LOT. And I've seen people list reasons, there and elsewhere, like losing independence, not being able to read and write, and so on.

I've been thinking for a while now that I would like to do a vlog post showing how I use a computer. So people can see that it's the exact same Windows computer you use, just with speech and magnification software running.

Then I thought about how I also use an Android phone, and an iPad, both thing most people probably would assume would be inaccessible.

Then I began thinking of all the other things people may wonder about and think they would have to "give up" if they went blind.

So, I thought I would throw this question out there: What would you like to see covered in a video blog post? What are you curious about? What do you assume would be "impossible" that I might do on a daily basis?

Because, truly, I believe the only thing that's impossible for a blind person is (legally) driving. And maybe performing surgery ... although I'm reluctant to say that's impossible, because maybe it could be done by touch except no one will ever be allowed to try that. :)

I would love to see anything you'd like to share. Using the computer, how do you get ready for work in the morning, getting to work, and, your teaching job. Maybe even some of the diabetes stuff. How is changing an infusion set done? I know often times I have a hard time seeing whether I have any giant air bubbles in the tubing. do you have a special meter? thanks Jen, I really think this is an interesting topic.

This is very interesting Jen, thanks for sharing! I always look forward to your informative posts.

i have neuropathy in my fingers especially the right one due to carpal tunnel so FEELING- TOUCHING would not replace seeing for would i handle my pump? etc...testing bg, etc...also my legs are getting weaker SO i'm very scared of losing my sight.period.

also my hypo symptoms are not being able to see then i know i am dropping & treat right away before testing if possible

Hi lotsofshots - I actually have a post in the works called "A Glimpse of Low Vision" that's about how I see and experience the world. It's just super hard to convey what I want because a) I've never had normal vision, and b) I don't want to come across as it being a scary experience for people (which is hard sometimes!). That is so great to hear about your dad - so many people who get MD in their later years just sort of give up on life and independence.

Marie - I can definitely do something about my commute to work. I've thought about that a few times, actually! Ditto with something like getting ready, although I'm not sure there's much exciting there (from my perspective, at least!).

shoshana27 - I have to admit, for me neuropathy is one of the complications that scares me the most. However, there are TONS of ways to use sound and other senses. Unfortunately pumps and other diabetes supplies are not accessible at all (for anyone who is blind), so with those your biggest worry is knowing what is happening on the screen. This is something that has to change ... But I could do a post about how I manage my diabetes (filling pumps, testing, etc.) so people can see some of the techniques I use.

Thanks for all the great ideas so far!

thanks, jen, & good luck to all of us who are striving & strugling or the other way around.stay well.