Blood Drops & Braille Dots

I thought I would share with everyone that I have taken the plunge and started a diabetes blog!

Its focus is actually living as someone with T1 diabetes and a visual impairment. It's called Blood Drops & Braille Dots.

Feel free to check it out and follow (or whatever the equivalent blog term is!). I have a few future posts started, but if you have any topics you would like me to blog about, I am open to any ideas or suggestions.

You write so eloquently that I was wondering what took you so long :) Thank you for always sharing your thoughts...

Thanks, Jen. You've been bookmarked.

Absolutely love your title! Another bookmark.

Nice Jen! I love the title too :)

Hi Jen,

Your work is very well written. I likes that it was written is such a way to explain your life situation without doing into gory details that becomes boring and repetitious. Keep it up; I'll be looking forward to chapter 2.

I made an entry into my LiveJournal last evening. I realized that I hadn't written in it for two years. Crazy.

Be well.

Very nice! It will make it easier to follow your story!

Great to see this Blog done by a gal just down the road .
Jen , one of my first jobs in Canada ( early 1964) was working at the CNIB , Toronto in the Food Services ..I also worked at St Mary's Hospital ,New Westminster start 1971 and they had hired a blind ( very smart!! ) lady working in the Medical Records Dept . My Sis in Law is blind and lives with diabetes .