Blog of mom who has T1 diabetes?

I'm finding it hard to locate resources for being a mom with diabetes (and not a mom of a diabetic kid)... I got the book "parenting with diabetes" but that was all I found. Anything else out there that I missed?

"Balancing Pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes" by Cheryl Alkon has a section on new motherhood, but that chapter is focused mostly on the first few months which is probably not what you are looking for... is a fantastic blog by a T1 mother (her daughter is a year old, I think) that has lots of great information, and fun to read. She talks about the fears that us diabetic mothers have too... explaining diabetes to a very young child, lows while taking care of baby, etc.

Have you checked out six until me? ( her baby is now a toddler but she blogged all through her pregnancy. I think sugarbetic did too.

I second I actually found that blog shortly after I was diagnosed, right when my husband and I were TTC (which had to be put on pause, of course). It really helped me a lot to read about her experiences and successful pregnancy. (Not that there were zero complications.)

I'd like to plug my own book, The Smart Woman's Guide to Diabetes. I've got a few chapters on pregnancy and motherhood in there :) my blog is re-Defining Diabetes:

Thanks for these!!

I love LOVE.

I recently started a blog about parenting with Type 1 diabetes -

I will be doing some writing about pregnancy, since I am pregnant with #2 but mostly I want to write about juggling life with small children while managing my own diabetes.

Hope it's ok that I posted here.


I'm really enjoying these! I've also discovered that I just need a place for myself to vent as well, so I'm adding mine to the pile. We'll see how it goes :)

I recently found this blog also, which is fabulous and funny :)

Articles by Katherine < Link to page of articles by type 1 mom. Articles are published through assorted magazines, but are published in full on this page on author website.

I blog about Type 1 diabetes and pregnancy at, with an emphasis on a lower-intervention pregnancy and birth. I just had my third baby in June and hope to have as many as I can! Hope you find the help you need.