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whatsup. the names xylie. some people call me xy for short. i’m 17, and a junior at Panther Creek High. i’ve had diabetes since i was in 2nd grade, and it pretty much sucks. i take awful care of it, and i know i do, but i just can’t seem to find any motivation to do a better job. that’s a big reason why i’ve come to this site, i figured i could find some people like me, and we could have a pow wow or something and talk xD;

i have 5 horses, their a really big part of my life. their names are missy, fox, rosie, pumpkin, and magic. i loves them very much C: i got the first one, missy, when i was in 4th grade, so i’ve been into horses for a good long while xD

i also do alot alot alot of art. art is my love. i do mostly digital stuff, like with photoshop and what not, but i also do some traditional. im actually hoping to major in art, so well see how that goes c: i post alot of my work on deviantART, maybe some of you have heard of it, maybe not, but you can visit my page here. here’s a few of my pieces you can see:

and yeah, so im feelin pretty lazy, and i've done a really crappy job with this blog, so i'll come back in a little bit and make it more spiffy. C:

Welcome! The cyber-dragon at the bottom is really cool. I think the feathery fur sections on the head and knees are really well done.