Blogging for November

I’m a little new to this forum, been here only a couple of months or so. With it being National Diabetes [awareness?] Month, I thought it would be neat to feature people on my blog once a week.

What I’m really looking for is people who are interested in talking about themselves. Not just diabetes.

Just today at my doctor’s appointment the nurse said to me, “You look great! You can’t tell by looking that you’re a diabetic.” I’ve heard people talk about this, but it has never happened to me… It was weird. I thought to myself, “well, duh,” then smiled with a sorta murmuring nonsensical response, like you do when you agree with someone. Anywhoo.

Of course I don’t look like a diabetic. I’m just me. I’m a wife, a mom… I like to read and write and watch movies.

This month, I’d like to show the world [or whoever happens upon my blog] what a diabetic looks like. If you’re brave enough to share something about yourself. Your favorite color and why. When you had your first kiss. Your most embarrassing moment. Your happiest dream. Talk about your favorite sport… how you met your spouse, then send me an email at matts1stwife at yahoo dot com. I’d love to feature you.

Feel free to visit the blog,

This month, the sky’s the limit.