Blogpost about Rick Phillips

My blogpost today is a profile of Rick Phillips, or Rick the Blogsbetic as almost everyone at TuDiabetes knows him. Next week he is presenting a 3-part series on my blog ( about the connections between diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Come check it out!

Hi Laddie. I have "liked" your discussion so that I have access to Rick's blogs of next week. I enjoy your own blogs as well as Rick's. Hey, I love to read good blogs!

Thanks, Trudy!

Rick is a fabulous blogger! See you next month!


This is a new one to me: A thread announcing a blog.

One with a "guest speaker" no less. What a strange world we live in!

I always look forward to Rick's posts!.....

Looking forward to seeing you, Lloyd. It’s been a while–

I second that! I'm still amazed with all the topics he comes up with. I almost always agree with his ideas/opinions and LOL at his (who said quirky) sense of humour. Sweet Man and he's the Boss! :)