Health and Humor show

On the week of July 19, 2015 I appear on the internet health and humor show. This is a show primarily about type 2 diabetes. This is the link, I appear at about the 28 minute mark.

I mentioned TUDiabetes as part of the interview.



Bravo, my friend–bed beckons–first thing tomorrow. Looking forward to starting the day with you…xx000

Good for you Rick speaking out about muliply diseases/conditions online and on-air.
It was good to hear your interview. Hopefully your next one is just around the corner. Always nice to hear your sense of humour. :slight_smile:

Terrie: Can I talk you into Blogging for #RABlog Week? The event will be held September 21- 27 and just like #Dblog week it will be your choice of nine topics over a 7 day period, one per day. I woudl be honored to host your blogs on my site, which is built with the idea that I can host many different bloggers.

I am going to host #RABlog week and I expect to have maybe 10 or bloggers join us this first year. At any rate it woudl be an honor to host your writing. I am a admirer of your humor. The topics have yet to be chosen but they will be chosen in august so folks can prewrite content if they wish. I think you woudl add a lot to the week if you will consider coming along.

I will host the blog, promote it on twitter and of course push it into the spoonie community as best I can. I so hope you will join me. As i say it woudl be an hour to host your material.

no rush but do let me know so I cna get things set up, I will want to post a bio and do some tests, but yes I think it iwll run just fine if you do join me.


I’m honoured that you have asked me to join Blog week on your site Rick…I’m
also Horrified. =8>O As you know, I do not write blogs but I do read many
of them and sometimes comment.

Unfortunately, everyone’s Birthday is that same, exact week, that’s the same week that we
start building our bunker and my Court Ordered Community Service will be completed
the Thursday of that week at 4:00 pm.

So as you can see Rick, my chances of blogging that week, are pretty slim. Thank you for asking.

I’ll pm you.

I thought you completed the Bunker two years ago Terrie? Any chance the bunker is built but the foundation has moved?

AHAHAHAHA Rick! Good one! No, it was the termites, eh? We fell for the “cheaper bunker deal”. Lots of wood in Canada. Evidently, lots of termites too. :>/ Well, at least they made the foundation out of cement. So we start again. :wink:

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