Blood Draw Blues

My husband Ed (t2) and I (t1) always go together for our regular visits to the doctor, and as ususal, we can’t wait to see our files to see what the numbers are. So I’m looking at my lab report, and the only test they did on me was for Vitamin D. Whaaaaat? Where’s my a1c? microalbumin? etc! Holy crap I’m mad! The place we have to go is so crowded, it never takes less than an hour, and this time it took 1.5 hours! And the phlebotomist HURT me! I had blood all over the place too! Now I have to go back tomorrow for more of this! Sorry for the vent.

On the plus side, Ed’s a1c is down from 7.4 to 7.1, and he lost 7 pounds!

I go to a large clinic complex and pick up a “lab slip” before my appointment, take it down to the lab and have the blooddraw. I always look at it beforehand to see what tests are on it (of course, if there’s something new then I freak and thing “whart are they looking for now”).
There have been many times when I’ve had to have the lab call back upstairs and ask for something he forgot. Of course, this takes a lot of extra time, but at least its only one visit.
If I happen to pick up the reminder call (usually the day before) I’ll say, “please be sure that the following are on the lab slip…”. And then ask her to repeat it.

How frustrating! Hope that the wait is not too long!

can the meters give a false reading? I am doing everything I normally do and a few times my level was higher than it should have been. I have been eating the same foods as I did when first dianosed.
I am always under a lot of stress. I go to my endo dr next week. I am scared my a1c test will be high and at no fault of mine

yes, they can give a false reading. make sure your hands are clean when you test. If a number seems wrong, test again. I own three meters.

Please don’t be scared of your numbers, or feel guilty. You are still getting used to everything. I think it was our friend Krisin here who says, “when I get a bad number, I just say to myself, wow, I’m sure glad I caught that number now” (Kristin, please remind me of what you said)

Yep that’s exactly what you should tell yourself.

Better to measure and CATCH the bad numbers than to not measure at all. A bad blood sugar reading is a chance to make your blood sugars better (in a “glass is REALLY half full” view of the world!!!)