Just got a call from Dr. N’s office….my thyroid looks good (finally got those meds right) but when I asked what my A1C was Dr. N’s nurse paused and asked “what A1C?”

Ahhh….the A1C I was there to get….damn it. Apparently they forgot to run it. ~sigh~ this isn’t the first time they ‘forgot’ to run a test that I was specifically there for. I don’t get it…..his office just hasn’t had its act together since his wonder nurse quit last year.

His new nurse got testy with me when I asked. Her answer was “well maybe it just isn’t time for an A1C” Oh THAT’S right….you would know so much better then me….I mean hell what do I know? I’m only the one living and breathing diabetes day in and day out.


Unbelievable….she just called me back…..felt it necessary to scold me for not coming in before I had my blood work done. “You’re over due to see Dr. N anyway….you should have come in weeks ago” Well I was trying to remedy that only she didn’t order the A1C….”well it’s customary to come in and see the doctor and then he’ll order the blood work”.

Customary for WHO? Not for ME….it customary for me to have the blood work done and then come in so Dr. N and I have something to discus. Apparently the thyroid test I just had done was a standing order that I didn’t know about (because NO ONE CALLED ME) from March…..apparently she never even TALKED to Dr. N about ordering my A1C and just figured that I would make an appointment and then he’d order the test. “Well now I have to go talk to him and have him call in the order”….that’s right you do!

SO….now I have to go in AGAIN and have more blood drawn….

Customary my ■■■….it’s customary for me to take charge of my own diabetes care. News flash….we’re doing this MY way.

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