Blood Gluclose question

Classified as insulin resistance

Went to bed with 118 BG (and that is good for me)

Woke up with 140.

I get it down to the 110s level before bed by eating early (5-6) and not having a snack at night.

The reward I get is higher blood sugar? this is the 3rd night that I have been doing this eat early thing. And it is the 3rd night it has happened.

Is there anything I can do about this as it screws up my whole day?

I thought the Dawn Phenomon happend to only those individuals using insulin?

I have one touch mini measuring myself. How accurate are these?

No, I do not use insulin and I have always struggled with the dawn phenomenon. No one seems to know what to do about it. I have tried several things to trick my liver into not giving me that “helpful” boost of glucose before I get up in the morning, but nothing works. I guess the best thing to do is to make sure to eat breakfast as soon as possible in the morning to stop the rising sugars. I know, it’s counter-intuitive, but if I don’t eat right away (say, when, I’m fasting for blood tests), it just keeps going up and up until I eat something.

I have heard that eating some green apple before bed helped people to keep their morning numbers down. I think nuts make sense (like Debb suggested) because they digest slowly.

Supposedly if you eat this snack before bed, your liver will kick out less glucose in the morning hours. But people have mixed experiences. I guess it’s worth a try!

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for responding. I will try eating some pistachio nuts tonight before bed. Speaking of which just about that time.

If that doesn’t work I wil eat a green apple. I will try anything (just about anything) once. But I usually stay away from fruit as it always makes me hungry and sometime feeling hollow.

Thanks for letting me kow this is common.

My cortisol levels have been high in one of my tests. I wonder if there is an interaction there because cortisol is used during night time and to prepare a person to wake up.

So what I will try is eating around 5-6 with a snack at 9:30 - 10:00. And see what that does…

Normally I eat around 7-8 with or without a dessert type thing (meaning sugar free pudding/jello type dessert)

Again thanks for taking the time!

Hi Judith,

I was just thinking this… I have mozorella string cheese that I thinking when I get up to go to the bathroom (I usually get up 2-5 times a night to go to the bathroom) I could eat a small snack and see what happens.

I tried the nuts before bedtime the other night still read the same high…

Never heard the wine theory… And I love vinegar…

I will try those combinations…

The weirdest thing is I would say 60% of my life (38 now) I would always get up and have a small snack or something to drink like milk, when I would wake up to go to the bathroom (that use to be less frequent). I wonder if I was doing this automatically without realizing it.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


Hi Angela,

Wonder if taking a small amount of basal insulin at night might help. I’m Type 1 & have serious dawn phenomenon. I’ve really had to play around with doses to get the right basal amount. Too much makes the dawn phenon worse.

Know what you mean about high fasting numbers ruining the whole day. Hate that! Must be worse for Type 2 not on insulin because at least I can take a correction dose to bring it down. I’ve gone to bed at 90-100 & woken up to 200.

Could be me, but I haven’t found vinegar or red wine to help, but worth trying. I do eat a small amount of cheese or peanut butter before bed. This helps me. I also make sure that I eat dinner at least 5-6 hours before going to bed. Like Ellie, I eat as soon as I get up. When I delay breakfast, the numbers climb up.

I went to your page and found you stated that you have no diabetes !!!
If your fasting blood glucose is 126 mg ( glucometers are not accurate),so you are diabetic !!! between 100-126 mg prediabetic.

Hi Gerri,

Sorry it took so long. Went to see family for the holiday…

Wow 200… Wholy Cow…You sound like a friend of mine. She is Type I and known as a brittle diabetic. Her blood sugars and soar either way to high or too low within a matter of minutes…

I recently got a 124 FBG but that was because I went to bed at 1:30 AM and woke up at 8:00 AM. 6.5 hours of sleep did it.

Thanks for the information! I am going to test the BG as soon as I get up… I usually do it after a shower and dressing. But I will see what it is upon waking.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hi sohair,

So are glucometers are not accurate? Can they be highor low? How am I to tell then what my BG is?

My endo has classified me as insulin resistance. I don’t know what to believe to be honestly.

I do know not eating carbs and being on metformin is barely getting me in the 105-130 range 2 hours after a meal.

My sister is Type 2 and she was telling me that I am suppose to eat more meals throughout the day and keep them small to help the blood sugar curve.

I told her if I did that my BG would always be around 150-170 it wouldn’t go down lower. But I will try that and see what happens says…

I am going to request a 2 hour fasting test on Monday when I have my endo appointment. I will also request a new insulin and fbg test as well…

thanks for your input

140 isnt high, if you are waking up with 140, that is fine. that is actually more or less perfect. taking insulin to get it lower is risky cause if u take too much insulin then ur level is gonna go lower. id be happy waking up at 140 occasionally.

I have the same problem as your friend i can be at 90 one min and the next in the 200 and 5 min later be 60. I was classified as a brittle diabetic and they told me that the pump would help that and it hasn’t. I wish my insurance companies would cover CGM. I can test up to 600 times a month because of my sugars roller costing so much. I am also very insulin resistant. i am type 1

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the opinion. UNfortunately I am waking up anywhere from 130-160 in the morning.

The doctor just looked at my journal this and and agreed I my a1c might now be in the 7-8 range.

Recently I had about ~75-80 carbs (2 pieces of wheat bread with egg, sausage and 1 cheese (to make a sandwhich) 1 piece of white and 1 tblspoon of jelly) we were eating out.

My BG was 224 2 hours later. Yeah I know I should not have eaten it. It was when I was under the impression that wheat bread would digest slower. I found out it didn’t matter. Normally I use an white english muffin for the sandwhich which has 1/2 less carbs and produces the same reaction a a whole grain english muffin (I started buying these and experimenting on my own).

Unfortunately, I have had a really bad couple of months. Neasea, Tired, letharic, week, jittery, unable to focus, and going to the bathroom at night anywhere from 2-6 times in a 8-9 hour period time frame, which doesn’t make for a refreshing night sleep.

Something needs to give as it is affecting my performance at work.

Check out possible side effects (there are some good online sites, especially those posted by people taking the meds) of other meds you may be taking. This sounds like some side effects I have had from blood pressure meds.

If you’re at 130 2 hours post-prandial, you’re fine. That’s a normal blood sugar in a non-diabetic.

Glucometers are accurate, depending on whose figures you read, somewhere around +/- 10 points below 100 and +/- 10%-20% above that. As an example, I was at my endo yesterday, and the first thing they do is a finger stick. I was about 1.25-1.5 hours post. Their meter said 135 or so; since I don’t trust my meter, I always compare my number to theirs. Mine said 176, and a retest said 172. They gave me one of their meters as a freebie, and when I did a random test when I got to work after the appointment, their meter said 71 and mine said 87.

What you want to do when next you talk to your endo is have him do a lab test and compare it to your meter. They’ll send blood off to a lab that’ll give a very accurate number, and you can compare it to your meter number.

Glucometers show trends, not actual numbers. The trend is more important, I suppose. If you see your numbers keep going up and up and up, or, in the alternative, down and down, you have a problem. If your sugars are constantly within +/- 10% of the “normal” range of 80-140 (including both fastings and post-prandials in that), then the exact number really doesn’t matter all that much.

That being said, it is irritating as hell, especially if you’re as anal as me when it comes to hanging on every single number.

The question is, are your other symptoms causing the high sugar, or is it the other way around? Personally, getting onto an anti-anxiety med got my sugars into normal-normal (as opposed to T1 diabetic normal) in about 2 days, by getting rid of the anxiety symptoms, which are close to what you describe.

You may also want to see about an Ambien-type drug to keep you knocked out at night. That stuff is GOOD at that!

Ellie’s point about med side effects is also well taken, especially if you’ve recently changed your meds.

Hi Ellie,

Thanks so much for replying. That is a good thought :slight_smile: thanks!

My symptoms unfortunately have been going on for several years now and are getting worse and better in different ways.

I use to just want to sleep mid day. Everyday, I get tired in the early afternoon and sleep. But sleeping never helped it. I started testing my blood sugar and it was a better than it is now. FBG was 83 and a1c was 5.6.

Finally I got angry one day and focused (how I use to in athelics pushing through the painful or hard workouts) and forced my self to ignore the mental tiredness. Sometimes I get angry and the adrenal would help me to over come the tiredness.

Then it started a couple of years ago with the lethargy, weekness (trouble climing up steps or raising my arm to dry my hair). then recently in the past year it has been the tiredness couple with inability to control emotions (being negative alot and getting angry or impatient), inability to sit down or to focus. To peeing alot at night. To waking up in the middle of the night with an anxiety of something that is stupid to worry about. Something that wasn’t even on my mind, out of the blue.

The meds I been on have just been ibuprophen for arthirits and allegra for allergies.

I just started taking medicines in June for insulin resistance.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

that kind of thing can be near impossible to figure out/identify, as the body stores/produce it’s own glucose. 140 is still normal, even though it is a high normal. Plus 118 to 140 isn’t a huge difference really. I wish my readings were like that…if i’m not too high, i’m normal but falling, and this all depends on how active i am. I can’t maintain a normal blood glucose level for long periods of time. OH did I have a couple high readings right around thanksgiving…ugh what a pain to have to worry about!

Hi Dov,

I am wondering the same thing and I been trying to get my doctor to quit focusing on the insulin resistance/Diabetes(? still waiting for test results form this week) and focus on something else.

She has said my thryoid is enlarge so I am having a ultrasound on that next week.

And she ordered my diabetic blood work.

I am a psorarsis suffer as well since 6 years old. Typical Psorasis is usually skin. But it can have a very bad affect on the heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, ect…

My psorarsis has always been a minimum and on my head mostly with a patch or so showing up on my leg or butt sometimes.

Now my psorarisis is on my face, my butt, my eyes, my feet and just breaking out.

I asked my endo if there is any correlation and she said yes it is autoimmune disease that can affect insulin levels.

So the question is like you said is something else causing this two things to go wacko or what.

That is why I am here hoping to help others and hoping others can share there information with me. And between us all we can figure out what is best for ourselves.

I am tired, I took 10 byetta and 500 of metformin and by BG for the first time is 91 after 1.5 hours… But I want to sleep.I also want to throw up I should not have taken the too together…

Thanks for you input, I will check out the anxiety. I have thought about that. I have never had it. People at work call me fastidious though (overly perfectionistic) always thinking of what if.

How does one all of a sudden have an anxiety disorder though?

I am scared to goto a psychitrist cause I don’t want to be classified as nuts and doctors quite looking for what is wrong. I have seen it done before with people who are depressed. Medical community often labels them that then if they feel tired, lethargic, or any other physical symptom it must be depression. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

thing is I always been very active person, always did stuff, always was the most patient with people always making people feel better.

Now that is being covered over by whatever is wrong with me.

Sorry I babbled…

But thanks so much for your time and help!

So sorry to hear of the problems you’re having & hope the thyroid & other tests get to the source. Common for diabetics to have psorasis & thyroid problems. We’re so lucky:)

Know you’re Type 2, but has your doctor discussed taking insulin? Lots of Type 2s resist this idea, but when nothing else is working to keep your numbers down it’s worth a try. Better than feeling as you do with high BG that causes extreme tiredness. Going on insulin also helps preserve what functioning beta cells you have. You might not need to take much & it would give you better control.

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

What I am realzing while this is considered high normal. For my Body it is not good. It is having a profound effect on my emotional state.

I managed to get my BG down to 90s one day recently and my mental clarity and emotions where far better than when I am in the upper range.

This is having a very negative impact on my work where i am being short, impantient with people and yelling at them. I am working in a team and I can’t have this.

And it is having a bad affect on my marriage as all I want to do is watch T.V. cause I seriously can’t do anything else because I am so tired, lethargic, and just plain exhausted.