Blood glucose level spikes after lunch

Hi,I am new on forum. I am using Mixtard insulin 20 unit in the morning and 6 unit at night Fasting and after dinner BG is normal but after lunch my BG exceed to 200.what should i do to control it?

Be shore to eat no carbs. Else ask your Doctor to prescribe you short acting Insulin.

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@FP1966 Thanks for reply i will contact with my doctor,I eat very few carbs in lunch time.i am using Mixtard 70/30 insulin combination of short acting and intermediate acting insulin,I think intermediate acting insulin is not working.

I would talk to your doctor about starting a more flexible insulin regimen that uses rapid acting and basal insulin.

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@Jen thanks for reply i will talk to my doctor about flexible insulin regimen

I would spend a week learning about basal/bolus before I switched, perhaps they have a course where you live?
A workbook (the certificate ran out but the site is safe)

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I had to look up the insulin you are using. I think it is 70% NPH and 30 % Regular. Have you been diagnosed with type I diabetes? You appear to be a young man and I suspect you are type I. The 70/30 insulin mix is a popular treatment for type II. It is a very coarse tool that probably doesn’t fit your needs very well, no matter your type.

The modern basal/bolus regimen will often produce much better control while also allowing you the flexibility of changing meal size and timing. The 70% NPH portion of your current insulin can be very demanding about meal timing.

A modern basal insulin regimen can keep your blood glucose flat even when you miss a meal. A rapid acting analog insulin calibrated to the carbohydrate content of your meal enables you to bolus more precisely to cover your meals. Modern insulin analogs do cost more and I apologize if I’m suggesting something beyond your economic reach.

At a minimum you would do better taking separate doses of Humulin Regular and Humulin NPH so that you could calibrate and fine tune them to your actual needs. Good luck.

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@Terry4 Thanks for giving me such a useful information, i am really don’t know about modern basal/bolus regimen.I am from Pakistan i will confirm first, Is there available this type of insulin in pakistan?I am 20 year old young boy, I have no family history of diabetes, After ketone test which is negative my doctor had been declared that Its type-2 diabetes

You should have Regular and NPH insulin in your area. Until you find this insulin and are able to start the regime that @Terry4 describes you can at least adjust your mixtard dosing to handle lunch by splitting some portion of your morning dose off and taking that portion at lunch. This wll mean taking three injections a day but it will more closely match your three meals. You will likely get the best results by injecting the mixtard 30-60 minutes before your meal. And if you haven’t noticed, once you inject you need to eat, if you don’t eat you may have a low blood sugar.

ps. And don’t let your doctor make a mistake by diagnosing you as type 2 because you don’t currently have ketones. If you are actually type 1 and stop your insulin you could really end up very sick.


@Brian_BSC Thanks for giving me good advice, i will try to follow your advice about insulin and i will meet my doctor to discuss about diabetes type issue