Blood Glucose Levels

Hello Companions,

I Have Diabetes Since 27 Yrs.
Now I Am 66 Yrs. Age, Male
Overall Health Quite Good.

My Question Is That I Start Experiencing Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia ( Low BS )
When My BS Is Around ( 9 To 12 ) mmol With Dizziness, Shakiness of Hands Etc
BUT With BS Around 13 To 15 mmol I Feel Very Energetic & Pumped Up To Do Exercise.

The Normal BS Should Not Be Above 9/10 mmol
Thus Please Anyone Can Explain / Asvice / Clarify This Dilema ?

Thank You

If you get symptoms of a hypo at numbers far higher than true hypo numbers, it usually means that you have been running your numbers far too high to be healthy, and your body is used to those high numbers. Thus, when you get lower, the body sees it as a hypo, when it is not. Best to allow your body to get used to lower numbers gradually. Thus, you may want to avoid treating your symptoms when they are mild and gradually push the point where you start to feel them to a safer, lower point.

Running your numbers at 13 to 15 will likely result in complications much faster than running them between 5 and 8.


What’s your A1c? I agree with the previous poster that running higher will cause you to feel better at higher levels which of course we all know it’s not good but it’s how our bodies work

Hello Uff_Da,
My Sincere Gratitude For Clearing This Puzzle,
This Tendency Of The Body To Become Habituated
To Higher BS Levels !
Is The Most Valuable Understanding
& A Reminder That I Have Ever Received To Be Cautious.
It Seems Even Most Doctors Do Not Know About It
Or Do Not Bother To Mention It To The Patient.

& Dave44
Thankyou Very Much
For Your Double Confirmation.
The Body & It’s Mysterious Tendencies !

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