Blood in cannula! Do I change the pod?

It’s the first time that I see some blood in the cannula. Will the pod work or Should I change it? BG bolus was done with old pod, so Bg is ok. Please help me, we are traveling and don’t have my user guide with me.

I would first try to do a small (0.50 unit?) bolus (eat if you need to). That should force the blood back into you and out of the cannula. I would then watch it for a couple of hours before I would change out the pod. Be very vigilent why you are not sure if that will work. I have had this happen a couple of times and have never needed to “pull the plug”. Usually the insulin will push the blood through. I just give it a little help. Good Luck!!!

That also happened to me a few times and I still received the bolus with no problems by like Stacy said, test it to make sure you’re getting insulin. It should be ok.

Yes you are supposed to change it if theres blood in the cannula… BUT…Id try Staceys suggestion… as long as you dont have any basal problems or creeping up blood sugars, you should be ok and not have to pull the plug :wink:

every once in a while i will see blood in the cannula. unless you just have pods coming out of your ears (which i doubt you do), don’t change unless your BG is giving you troubles and bolusing isn’t correcting it. that’s pretty much my answer for everything: if it’s working, keep it on.

I would do a bg check every hour or so for about 6 hours…if the sugars are not alarmingly high…you are getting your basal, so it has probably worked itw way out! Good luck, and PEACE

This week, I just started on the Omnipod and today there was blood in the window. My numbers were high all morning and I decided to take it off and put a new pod on. Can anyone tell me what causes the canula to pop out? I did not bump and I can’t think of anything that would cause this to happen. I have been swimming, but reading other posts that does not seem to affect the pod.

c- sometimes this just happens, dont know why. Did you check to see if the cannula was inserted when you were first changing the pod?

Steve, I did check and everything looked fine. I had the pod on for 48 hours with no problems. The new pod I put on yesterday worked fine, but again this morning there was blood in the cannula and so I bolused to try to get it out, but I still see blood underneath the window condensation. I have it on my stomach, maybe that is the problem.

I dont think the stomach is the problem, I wear mine on the stomach about 1/3rd of the time…just keep an eye on your sugars and leave it alone, I would say. Good Luck and PEACE

Like steve said this sometimes just happens. I never really have a problem with it affecting my blood sugar or anything, but I wouild say definitely change it if your blood sugar seems to be high and not coming down at all. If you’re not having any problems with it, then I wouldn’t really worry about it.

Thanks for the advice Hannah. Do you think it has anything to do with swimming laps? I did not swim today and I have had no pod problems. Also, how much do you bolus to try to get the blood out of cannula?

Just try to “flush it out” with blous, or let it flush out on its own. I am not tirivalizing it…but it really is not something to stress about. dont liet it keep you up at night, let it go. Keep an eye on your srgars, which I am sure you already do, and let it work itself out. I have gotten to the point where I dont even look into the cannula window anymore! (I dont recommend that, its just a place I have gotten to).

Thanks Steve for the advice. I think I am overthinking it, but the weekend was awful. How much do you bolus out? I am going to try not to look at it all today.

Your welcome, c. and I tend to bolus about 15 units per day…(divided by 2 meals, I always skip breakfast).(Less if it is a workiout day, 3 days a week) I am sorry to hear it ruined your weekend, …I know the feeling, and I am afraid that although the pod is indeed an instrument that I would never trade a thing for, dont ever want to go back to MDI and no other pump looks all that attractive to me, unfortunately, bad days and bad patches of days are pretty common. Lately, I just come to TU and vent, it is a great place to vent! We got lots of smart folk here, with lots of experience…this group has any experience covered!

It could possibly. Maybe the motion affected a blood vessel or something and that’s why there is blood. I ususallly don’t take anything to flush the blood out becasue I usually don’t have a problem with it and throughout the day when I eat it just gets flushed out then. If you’re having problems though I suggest what other people said about just using a little bit to flush it out.

Thanks to all the replies with good suggestions. The pod worked fine. It’s not me wearing, but my 7year old boy.Our trip was really smooth without any pod or bg problems. You are the best!!!

I am sorry, Mila, but I disagree. YOU are the BEST! I am blown away by all the great parents of T! children on TU. all of you are the best! I cannot imagne what you go through watching your child have to deal with this crap… unfortunately, my parents were the exact opposite! My Mom, a staunch Irish/Catolic, used to tell me I was being punished b/c of somethng I did, so I would just have to suffer with my mouth shut, she was that naive, and mislead, and (quite frankly), CRAZY. Power to you! PEACE