Help! Bloody canulas and high bg!

I am hoping someone can help me…many of my canulas in my pods have been filled with blood and seem to not deliver insulin properly. They have been on my stomach and my back. I have tried icing the area first like the rep advised, but it has not helped. I keep going high and then correct after 2 hours and it sometimes comes down after 2 more hours ans sometimes not. I am losing faith in the pods!! Any advice?

That happens to me sometimes but it doesn't affect the insulin delivery. Have you tried your leg or back of your upper arm?

I haven’t tried the leg yet…not sur if I would like it there for running and cycling. Where would I place it?

we have had some issues with this, last time it happened it hurt bad going in but once he bolused the blood cleared and all was fine, we do a good bolus after pod changes to avoid highs, 1.5- 4 units depending on jacobs bs. if it is not clearing out unfortunately the pod probably has to be changed, are you doing a good pinch up, some also recommend a pinch up and push down on top of the pod at the same time but we do not do this. i hope things get better. we had a rocky road the first year of podding but have settled in for the most part. best wishes amy

Do you bolus right after the change or check his bg after awhile and then bolus? I don’t have a lot of fat anywhere, so I am never sure where to put the pod…

I had the same problem - more often than not, I had blood in the cannula and I would bruise. Also had erratic blood sugars too. I'm 5'11" and 145lbs - not a lot of fat to find good spots, I suppose. I got frustrated enough, I went back to my Ping. But after not having tubing for a while with the Pods, the Ping drove me nuts. I only wore it for 4 days. Now, I'm back on shots for the time being. I'm going to wait until the smaller pods come out and try it again.

Have you tried pitching the area before the canula goes in! The back of the arms are good too!

hi megan, jacob was consistently high after a pod change and not just a little 300's someone on tu suggested doing .5 with the old pod then 1.5 -4 U post depending on his blood sugar, it seems like the pump needs to be primed so to speak and this has worked really well, i also have him try not to eat for an hour or two after a change he ussually does a change around 4 pm we were really getting frustrated before we figured this out, he never goes low with the extra bolus. he's pretty lean too his best spot is his side belly area. but does ok with arms, legs werent to successful for him ( tended to get bloody, bruising and occ. occlusions but he is going to try again in the summer) best of luck, i hope things turn around, we really are much happier with omnipod since figuring out how to handle the pod change highs, hang in there! amy