Blood in Cannula

I woke up this morning and changed the pod, after it already warned me in the middle of the night that I was out of insulin. Took the pod off and there was blood in the cannula. This is a first for me. Any idea’s why this happened? I’ve been using the omnipod for months and the cannula has always been clear when I’ve changed it so many, many times.

Hi Jon,

I know for myself, when pulling out my cannula I may have nicked a blood vessel at some point during the time I put my infusion set in (hey I move around, the cannula moves around, if you get my drift). I guess with the Omnipod, you can’t tell like I can when I put my infusion set. BTW, I’m wearing a “wind around the door knob” LOL type of pump - wish I could have tubeless - not available outside of USA … yet. Anyway, hopefully other more experienced Omnipod/pumpers will come up with other answers then mine (I’ve only been pumping 2 years now - 40 years previous as a professional dart thrower onto my body as the board LOL).

Anna from Montreal -

Thanks for the info. Changed again this morning…no blood. Having blood in the cannula the other day was a first for me. Then again, everything with the D is?

Glad to hear that things are going better. I’ve only had it happen once with blood in my cannula. so hopefully it doesn’t happen to us too often! Believe it or not, even after 42 years of diabetes, I still hate friggin’ needles, blood, etc. You’d think I’d be used to it by now (visions of my Mum practising on oranges in preparation to stick them into my young innocent flesh when I was only 7 are dancing thru’ my head as I type this out to you ).


I have blood in my cannula everyonce in a while, when it happens it’s usually when I place the pod on the right side of my body, thighs. I sleep on the right side it sometimes it can irritate the site.