Omnipod and Bleeding

I’ve been using the Omnipod for about 10 months now and recently I’ve noticed a phenomenon that has worried me. Lately, during intense exersize, I’ve noticed a tendency for blood to come out from where the canula is inserted. So far its only happened on my stomach, though many other sites (arms and legs), will end up giving occlutions. Sometimes the blood spills out around the canula, but within the contained area under the pod. Other times I’ve noticed it in the canula post pod removal. In both cases, not changing the pod immediately (and instead waiting for the 3 days to be up) results in asmall dark purple bruise in the area where the canula was inserted.

Basically I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem, and whether its something to be concerned about, if its a health issure (worried about infection), and if anyone has any suggested solutions.

Thanks =)

Smurph -

I have noticed the same thing, especially when I get my pulse up (exercise). The 'blue dot" after a change as well…I have shown it to my endo, who (as I have pointed out in many past posts) absolutely HATES the Omnipod, and has made multiple suggestions to switch to one of the more traditional “tubed” pumps…but I have yet to take the plunge. She doesnt seem all that concerned about the bleeding and bruising, so i just assume its no big deal! She has said “if you dont feel comfortable with it, just switch!”

I have had the same thing happen to me a few times when playing basketball with students at my school. I haven’t had any infection issues but I definitely clean the area very well when I change pods. I have had only one occlusion since I started using OmniPod in September 2010 so that hasn’t been an issue. I would pay close attention and ask your doctor or CDE, or you can even contact a rep at Insulet and they might be able to suggest something. One thing that made a difference for me was rotating my pod locations according to the days that I do the more intense physical activities. I try to have it on a certain area of my stomach for those days and I haven’t had any issues. This might not be an option for you but if you can try it.

Please update us and let everyone know what you do and if you solve the problem.

It happened to me earlier this week after a very intense cardio workout. I noticed blood in the window, showered, and then went to work. I worked 16 hrs and went back to the gym afterward. I decided to change the Pod after the shower. Blood was pooled under the Pod and the insertion point bled for a bit after removing the cannula. And the bruising was there too.

But this was after having my heartrate up in the 150’s for over 45 minutes. So not the norm and this was the only time. Has not happened since even after 2 hrs of cardio but not as intense.

I just cleaned the site, put on some anti-bacterial ointment and a bandaid and went about my business. We could have been twins.

I don’t think that I would want to leave it on for the whole 3 days and take the chance of infection, but that’s just me.



I was wearing the Pod on my right upper thigh (front)

That can happen with any canula,not just the pod. Change it and move on…

I’ve been on the Omnipod for over 3 years. I have had this happen on occasion. I am a senior citizen and do not exercise aside from walking, so I don’t know about the exercise causing it.

I have had it happen rarely, as well. I don’t remember if it happened during exercise, or was just jostled. I leave it on unless I notice my #'s start to rise. I think that the canula site can become inflammed and insulin absorption can become effected. I do have a few remaing reddish spots on my stomach from past sites and work around those during pod changes.

This had never happened to me until the last 3 day, when it happened 3 TIMES! Change the pod, called them in to Insulet and hoped for the best with the new site! :slight_smile:

Blood in the Cannula=pump occlusion and failure.

Ways to avoid this: Place the pump in an area where you have a lot of subcutaneous tissue (code for FAT), and give a lil pinch to make sure the catheter insertion goes into the FAT and not the muscle–thinner people will just have more risks for occlusions.

If you are wrking out, try and secure the pump so it doesn’t jostle as much with KinesioTape, or UnderArmor. Certainly, jostling and shaking the pump cause some micro trauma around the cannula, and bleeding can occur. Less blood vessels in the fatty tissue, more blood vessels in the muscle. Catheter rubs against the muscle, and you get some bleeding; bleeding clots, clots cause an occlusion.

It does not put you at any significant risk of infection that I am aware of.

And, your doctor shouldnt hate the Omnipod—it is the wave of the future, with most pump manufacturers in the midst of R&D for tubeless pump systems. (see SOLO, in trials in Europe). It will only get better with time, with less occlusions and failures.

My son has been using the Omnipod now for 18 months, and the last two boxes, withsame lot number, have had a 50% failure rate with occlusion. I feel they have a batching problem, as we have not had this high a percentage of failures ever; and I help him put on his pods, and I am a physician.

No occlusions for me. With one, everything “looked fine” except my numbers just kept climbing. Once I pulled it off it was a total gusher! The next ones were bloody in the window (excessively). I didn’t get an alarm with any of them? Obviously, these are location issues, not malfunctions of the pod. Frustrating? sure. Insulet’s issue? nope. Sometimes pod placement is just a shot in the dark. lol.

I have this happen fairly frequently because I have a blood clotting disorder and bruise easily. I am very active with exercise and I haven’t really noticed exercise being the problem as much as site placement. Too high up on my abdomen (where I don’t have alot of fat) is probably the worst spot. I met with an Omnipod rep and she recommended using an adhesive barrier underneath - I like Bard wipes the best - which reduces the wiggle of the pod. I also use a wrap over the pod when on my arm during exercise. I find pinching up when doing insertion helps a little. I have had only one time where I had to change the pod early because my blood sugar started to rise after I saw blood at the site. No problems with infection so far but I do avoid the area the next time when I rotate through my sites. Even though it freaked me out a bit the first time or two, now I’m not particularly concerned as long as I am getting the insulin and I don’t have to put up with mild pain for three days.