Blood Ketone testing Nova Max vs Precision Xtra vs the wet strips

Has anyone on here moved to Blood Ketone testing and used either of these two meters to do it..

I had tried the Precision Xtra as a glucose meter awhile back and it was ok... How does it do for testing ketones?

Also Iv found out somehow that the Nova Max meter (the BD meter).. which isnt particularly steller for blood glucose.. is it any good at ketone testing?

Iv never seen ketones with the urine strips.. Been told blood is more sensitive, esp when im hitting high blood sugars (had a pump occlusion the other night and wouldnt have realized it except for my dexcom)

I recently got the Nova Max Plus for glucose and ketone testing, what it does is if you have a high glucose reading it will tell you to test ketone, you just do the same, get some blood put in a ketone strip and it will tell you if your ketone is high or low, very simple, but had I known about the glucose readings I’d have picked a different one I was intrigued by the ability for blood ketone testing, what is the problem with the Nova for glucose testing I’ve not heard about this till now.

we just got the NovaMax meter and are using it just for ketones. Oddly enough, less than a week after getting it my son got his first stomach flu since dx. It was SO SO helpful to get the blood readings when he couldn't pee for the Bayer foil wrapped pee sticks we have. The NovaMax blood ketone meter helped us get him to the hospital in time for IV/Zofran - and we didn't require a 24 hour stay which the ER doc complimented us on. (it was a borderline decision which our Endo helped him make. No need to stay when the parents really know more than the general nurses. I don't say that with arrogance - just assurance!).

In any event - we got the meter, plus BG strips, plus 12 ketone strips which saved the day - all for about $40 including shipping on Diabetes Wholesale dot com. Worth every penny.