Blood?!?! Nervous wreck!

Inserted a new sensor today and seen a little blood. Covered sensor with bands4life and removed it hour later to check on it…blood saturated the dex tape. Does this happen?

it does happen unfortunately. remove the sensor and put in a new one. you won’t get readings with blood in there.

I just started last Saturday so no advice, but I’m glad you wrote about this so I won’t be surprised if/when it happens to me.

This has happened to me once. It really hurt going in when it happened so I knew something was wrong because it usually doesn’t hurt but I had to remove it and place a new one in and it was fine. I think I may have just hit a blood vessel or nerve.

Mine works with blood usually

Thank you all for reply. I changed it and it was fine…well at least for a little while. On our second failed sensor. But that was very painful for my son.

You can pull it and call Dex for a replacement. I had one that was gushing once and they did that. Additionally, I had one that I tried to make work and I had wacky numbers (like off by 100-200) and they told me to pull it and they would replace it.

Kim, I can feel your pain. My last three sensors have not been good. They were all out of the same box and lot numbers. Dexcom insists that you can’t get a bad batch of sensors. They replaced 2 and the third I’m just too frustrated to even call. I really don’t even want to put on the fourth one from the box. I think this time, I’m going to use one of the replacements they sent me and see how it works. My readings have been all over the place and a lot more off than the 20% they say is acceptable. At this point, the Dexcom is really not doing me any good. Not if I can’t trust it.

All of these failed sensors were from the same batch. Dexacom has replaced them…thankfully. The one that we hit a blood vessel, we had to remove and our trainer with Dexacom replaced that one. This one we have on his stomach for almost 6 days…and number have pretty accurate since 2nd day. I’m liking it when it does act up lol