Small amount of blood. Normal?

Just did my first insertion and let me tell ya, I feel like a rockstar:)

Just worried about this blood after insertion. Does this happen all the time? I went ahead and put in the transmitter to see what happens with start-up.

I’ve had that happen…as long as it stops bleeding, I have found the readings to be about as accurate as normal…not usually any blood for me, but when it DID happen, I called Dexcom and they said it was fine. They also said if my numbers were whacky, they would replace the sensor.
Don’t worry!

Good, not ready to do it again just yet. Thanks

I’ve had a few sensors that have bled a little like the picture above. In most cases the sensor was just fine. I have found that if I angle the insertion device a bit more(I tip the handle forward slightly so the sensor goes in a bit deeper) I don’t really bleed. At least, it seems to work for me!

It should be fine… I will occasionally get a drop of blood like that, and it hasn’t caused a problem. Once I got a “gusher” that bled and soaked into about half the tape surrounding, and that sensor was one of only two I’ve had that failed… and it failed within just a few hours of start up. I wasn’t at home when that happened, so I didn’t think to take a picture of it before I pulled it.

Yes, has happened to me several times on my abdomen and only one time was there a problem…PAIN. I called Dexcom and told them it just plain hurt and they sent me a replacement. The readings were ok though.

I had blood on the FIRST sensor I used with my Dexcom rep and she said it wouldn’t cause a problem. Nevertheless, I received the ??? for several hours - the sensor was replaced.

I was blood-free since then (about 2 months ago) until my current sensor, which had blood at insertion. I actually posted about it on here, you might look back a few posts. Anyhow, I had minor trouble at first but it has been rock solid since. Very accurate readings! I use the back of my right arm for my readings and I’m slowly figuring out where/where not to put it. I cannot use my left arm because I’m lefthanded and it seems my muscles are a little bigger (less fat) on that side.