I had my MRI today so I had to take off the sensor just in case…I just got home, went to put the new one in and I ended up bleeding Lot that I had to take the sensor off ><…I was hoping to get 2 weeks out of the newer one before putting in the 3rd to stretch it out…now ill only have 2 left before ill need to order more ><…any suggestions?

My current one bled too, but not a lot. I've found that a little blood doesn't interfere with sensor function, but if it's a lot, then you were probably right to take it out. Sounds like you're having a string of bad luck with them! :-(

I’ve had sensors last closer to three weeks, so maybe just try pushing them a bit longer?

My record is 25 days that's with opsite flexifix surrounding it. If you can get 2 weeks each out of the next 3 sensors you'll be back on track.
But I would call Dexcom and tell them that you bled profusely and had to remove the sensor. They will probably replace it for you.

Thanks guys…I email the rep her I’ve worked with beforehand let her know what happened and see if I can get a replacement…I hope I can otherwise ill see how Lon I can stretch it…I was fine until I was td that I had to have an MRI done otherwise I was ready for week 2!!

Be sure and phone DEXCOM. They will replace all the bad ones. The one you took off AND the one that bled. :)

Wouldn't the MRI folks cover the sensor?

I has a lot of blood with the first sensor I inserted - I even saw "leakage' a day later! - but I did not see any interference with the function. It may have taken a little longer than usual to "acclimate" ,but it worked great for 19 days.

yes... Call Dexcom (use their call-back function if the wait is long) and let them know. They are very good about replacing them!

as far as the MRI go, they want to remove all metal. I wasn't sure if there was any on the sensor itself so I took it off for safety measure. I successfully put in a new one this morning and no bleeding.

Dexcome is replacing the one that cause me to bleed yesterday

Amy in the manual under Contraindications it says Remove the sensor before MRI. The reason they state is the "The dexcom G4 system has not been tested during MRI's but I'm sure there is some platinum in the sensor wire which is metal.
Glad they're replacing the other one.

Amy - FYI regarding "bleeders" - I have a tendency to bleed with insertion so I always use an ice cube over the area before I insert. I think it helps. Ice, clean with alcohol, takes forever to dry by the way, and insert. If I have a bleeder, I do not pull it immediately because most of the time I wind up getting a good 2 weeks or more out of it. If the numbers are what I call "wacky" within the first 48 to 72 hours, I call Dexcom and ask for a replacement. Most of the time the bleeders just get with the program and I have good readings. The tape looks ugly from the blood, but if the sensor works why throw it away! And as a side note - my personal record is 2 sensors that lasted 29 days each, one of which was a bleeder. Good luck!