Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Hi all! I have HBP, got switched over to Labetalol about a month or so ago and I’m just nervous about what my BP is going to do during a pregnancy when I get to that stage. I am overweight and I know that plays into it but I’d like some advice for during the pregnancy in how to try and keep the BP from causing problems that I could prevent. I’ve cut out caffeine recently and hope that will help. We are looking at TTC in the next month or so hopefully. Any advice would be great!

Can’t help you about the medication. I developed pre-eclampsia with my 1st pregnancy and I had pre-eclampsia (or HELPP syndrome) after my 3rd child’s birth. I was put on an 81 mg aspirin for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, it nearly worked with my 2nd, my bp began to climb at 36 weeks but I had no other pre-eclamptic symptoms. I was ok in my 3rd pregnancy until I got Norwalk virus 10 days before his birth. I think that weakened my system and then everything went haywire after delivery.

Your OB will watch you pretty closely with the blood pressure. Have you talked with your OB about this? I’m sure you could put together a good plan of action.

Good luck!

I have been working with my nephrologist/blood pressure specialist very closely and my numbers are pretty good right now throughout the day. He is very optomistic about the chances of a healthy pregnancy but I just can’t help being scared to death! I’ll be 38 in June and have been T1 for 26 years! Yikes! Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it!