Preeclampsia? Protein in Urine?

HI Everyone!

I have read a lot of Preeclampsia, but wanted to hear more about your experiences with it.

My recent A1c 6.2, and sugars have been doing so good. Dr. is pleased, but having diabetes for 16 years he said I have a HIGH risk of preeclampsia. Especially because of a 24 horu urine analysis-- before pregnancy I was .40mg and now 1024mg!!! HUGE JUMP! They said it should be ok, just keep working hard on my sugars and they'll keep an eye on me.

But what was preeclampsia like for you, if you don't mind sharing? Did anyone else have crazy ■■■ protein in their urine?

(Good news, filtration for Kidneys was great, and blood pressure was great. So they said I will just go on medicine after pregnancy)

Hi, sounds like they're going to keep a close eye on you which is great :) I had PE in my first pregnancy. 12 GRAMS of protein and delivery at 25 weeks. Pregnancies 2 and 3 I took blood thinning injections & aspirin and had better results. I didn't have such great medical care first time around so I'm pleased for you that you do... I'm confident that you know the drill and at the risk of telling you how to suck eggs, watch out for any random swelling/rapid weight gain :)All the best.

Protein is just one measurment, you might not even develop pre-e. I started out with low levels of protein and the further into pregnancy I went the higher my protein went. I never developed pre-e. Good to hear your kidneys are working good and your BP is good. Awesome A1C too, keep up the good work! How far along are you!

First off, congrats on keeping your sugars so much in check! And congrats on your pregnancy! :) How far along are you?

Second, it's true that we with DM have a higher risk than average of developing pre-e. A high risk OB I recently saw said it was 10% right off the bat for a first pregnancy in the context of preexisting diabetes. I'm contemplating a second pregnancy, and unfortunately, hitting that 10% the first time wins you double your money (well, double the risk) the second time.

I did develop what they called severe pre-e the moment I hit the labor deck. My water broke naturally at 39 weeks exactly and when I arrived to triage, they said, "welp, you've got it!" Prior to that I'd had high BPs for weeks (maybe 6-8) but proteins were fine in the 24hr collections, and in the office. BP was my only issue. By the time I went into labor, I think the proteins were in there at high enough levels but honestly I can't remember. I was focused on other things. :) They ran bloodwork, did urine collections, frequent check in the OB office as well as every time I went for BPP and fetal monitoring (the twice a week bits after 32 weeks). So they kept a close eye to make sure pre-e wasn't getting ready to hatch. the only known "cure" is delivering the baby, so whether that happens at 39 weeks or 29 weeks, it's the way to help. I'd heard a number of times that the risks are worse for mom than for baby, at least initially.

I surely hope for you that you can continue to work hard at what you can manage yourself, and that pre-e doesn't find its way to you. It sucked, and made for a rather unpleasant delivery. (more on that if you wish) THe good news? Healthy babe, eventually healthy-again mama, and now a ridiculous amount of time spent chasing a chatty, giggly, mischievious almost-2 year old. :) good luck!

I had PE with my son. He's my first child. My blood sugars were good and my blood pressure was always on the low side of normal so at first we weren't really worried about it until we noticed a creep up in my blood pressure by 30 weeks. They did another 24 hour urine and it wasn't too bad but I was still diagnosed with PE at 32 weeks. It went severe at 34 weeks and 1 day. Don't let that scare you though. I know a woman who recently had a baby that went to term with her child. She doesn't have diabetes though just seems to get PE. This was her second child. She had PE with her first as well with a totally different outcome.

Almost forgot. My blood sugars still stayed normal all throughout my pregnancy even with the rise I noticed it quickly and got on top of it. Still got PE. My endo and OB have no idea why. I have a slight higher risk this time as my kidneys are again throwing protein so we will be watching it closely.

I am so sorry about your son. Thank you for sharing!

I am 12 weeks +2 days. Everything is still good, it is just something I am a little afraid of.. How did Pre-e make the deliveries harder? Did you feel your BP go up? Did you swell (if so, painful)??

I had an emergency c-section at 34 weeks and 1 day. By the time they took me to the OR for delivery my husband said my BP was 185 over 105. They had me on magnesium but it wasn't working too well. I then had to be on magnesium for 24 hours after delivery so I only got to see my son a few hours after delivery when they brought him to me and then did not get to see him until after I was off the magnesium as he was being monitored in the nursery. He wasn't in the NICU but one that was for babies who needed extra help but not as much as NICU babies.

I swelled. I know there is sometimes some swelling pregnancy but it was more with the PE. It wasn't always painful. It was more just uncomfortable for me.

Honestly the worst was the magnesium. It's awful stuff. it's designed to prevent seizures in the mom, but left me pretty gorked out for the delivery (eventual c section). I was on it for a day or two after delivery too.

I felt my BP when it was elevated; headaches, kind of wonky. I also bought a home BP cuff so that helped me monitor. Swelling was minor for me, though I was superprego at the end of a pretty hot summer. :)

Good thing there watching you close. I developed preeclampsia with my first pregnacy at 34wks i had 1200mg in urine and was swelled thought it was normal since i was pregnant with twins. Blood pressure was higher for me 140/80 since my normal is 100/60. My uric acid went up and they finally delivered me! Second pregnancy doctors were way more on top it. I took aspirin the whole time and never developed preeclampsia.