Blood sugar and exercise

Ok, so this morning I tested FBS - 93! Good.

I took a cup of coffee, no sugar, just a little milk, and then went walking/jogging for 1 hour moderate intensity (max HR 159, average HR 113). No morning insulin yet.

After got home and tested again. No food yet. Only water. Blood sugar is 109.

Is this normal, that blood sugar increases, not decreases with exercise? Obviously exercise is very good for people with diabetes. And the rise is interesting, not alarming.

Any input?

Yep, it is. Its called “Runners High” and happens as your body releases sugars (glucose) and burns fat to the muscles to be used as energy. That in turn raises blood sugars some. If you only went up to 109 I wouldnt be too concerned, but if your higher in the morning, you may need to give more insulin to cover those times if it happens consistently. You may also want to ask your Dr just to make sure.