Blood Sugar Level Control and Mind

Hi everyone...
i am new to this group and this is my doubt.

Is there any connection between our mind and control of blood glucose level? i used to be calm and happy most of the times but some times i get too much angry without any reason especially for some simple matters.i feel like i completely lost my mind.i checked my sugar level at those times and it is used to be in between 250 - 300. an increased blood glucose affect our mind? or tension raise blood sugar level? a tension free life is required for maintaining good control?

I don't doubt there's a connection at all. Stress has been shown to raise BG.

I have noticed when I am stressed my levels are much higher, as per my endo....."in times of stress our cortisol levels increase and that in turn rises blood glucose levels" I am not a Dr but that is how she explained it to me when I asked about stress and blood sugar levels.

Stress and anxiety has been studied to have an effect on blood sugars causing it to increase...

High blood sugar does mess with your mind. I call it the high BG fog. It makes it hard for me to concentrate and that makes me irritable.

So the question is does the stress cause the high BG or does the high BG cause the stress. I think the high BG causes my stress or at least it aggravates it.

Gary S