Stress causes high or low sugars?

With you guys, does stress make you go high or low?

Stress usually raises mine.

It raises mine also and then when my life becomes a little less stressful my bgs drops.

The kind o sress associated with anger produces adrenelin and raises the blood sugar level. The kind of stress associated with anxiety lowers the blood sugar an can cause hypos.

I agree, Stress does play a huge part in my bloodsugar. It doesnt matter for me if it anxiety/fear/total all out laughter can drive me high. Keeping a steady mood is so hard!

Okay. I asked the question because my nurse told me it raises, but most of the time stress causes my sugars to drop. However, I am rarely angry - it is usually nerves.

Hey Rebekah:

Don’t worry about being alone with your blood sugars dropping when you get
angry. Mine do also. Indeed, most Diabetics’ blood sugar does go higher but
with a minority of us, we drop, and usually fast.

Stress doesn’t normally bother me unless it is something Big. Like death’s of
close Family members or Friends, has done me in, of course.

The worst one was when a certain GP was going to do something, concerning
my Daughter. I couldn’t believe the stupidity behind it. I tried to talk him out of it
but he said he had No Choice. I was so mad at him that my blood was boiling.
I’m sure everyone in the waiting room heard every word I yelled at him and
watched me as I stomped out and slammed the door. My sugar was dropping
fast. (That was the first and last time that I ever did anything like that).

When I get upset in the above situations, I get a knot in my stomach and nausea
so I can’t eat anything. Just a lot of OJ (and mints which don’t work on me when
I’m low).

Anyways, I stressed the rest of the day, pacing, drinking OJ and trying to find a solution.
Later in the evening, another Dr. I knew called me. My GP had called her to make sure
that I was okay. She was upset that her 6 yr. old had just been dxd. a couple months
earlier. OMG No! She asked me many questions about growing up with Diabetes. I
told her it was totally different with us, than her Daughter. My Parents were way more
stressed about it than we were. I told her many things that I had learned.

We briefly discussed my Daughter//Dr. problem and she says, “Don’t worry about it.
I’ll talk to him about it”. “That’s it”?? She talked to him. Problem solved.

I felt the relief. The knot in my stomach untied. I felt Good. I checked my sugar again
1/2 later and I started to see my sugar climbing. Shot time.

When I started on sites of Diabetes communities in 2002, I started hearing all these
People talking about their sugars going high when they’re stressed. Of course, I’m
thinking these People are a little wacky or …something. The next 2 sites, the same
thing. Finally 1 site I ran across, had 3 People like me(low when stressed). :smiley: And
most others that I’ve been on have even more. In any case, neither high nor low is

Both my Endo and Pharmacist agreed that both happen. My Pharmacist even found
this part for me since I didn’t look it up. We mustn’t get these “primed cells” to get
away from danger. And “How Stress Affects Diabetes”…the 2nd paragraph just says
that Type 1’s are affected more by low blood sugars.

My 11 year old daughter drops really fast when she’s angry or sad.

Stress of any kind drops mine like a lead balloon, even pain. I am just starting RA and have arthritis in my collar bone and chronic nervitis and tendonitis in my right arm, so constant pain. I thankfully can feel it drop and get oj for it.

  • Im the users daugher, with diabetes type 1.

When im angry it goes high and low.
When im sad it goes low.
When im stressed it goes high.
My endocronologist told me it’s common for emotions and stress to affect sugar.

Stress is a real trigger for me to go high.

Highs every time.

Sends me to orbit! High, High!!

Gets me high…never fails.

took the SAT today and I havent been able to get my BG under 170 all day… definite raise there

nearly 4 hours of testing isn’t exactly “relaxing”

High, then low…

Shoots mine sky high! It can be a real rollercoaster. But it does come back down without insulin.

I drop like a rock, every time!

Manuel usually goes high… but sometimes, his BS goes out of control… simply weird BS levels without explanation, other than stress…

Ditto. SKY HIGH for me too!