Blood sugar migraines

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this phenomenon. When my blood sugar rises and reaches about 150, it triggers a massive migraine headache. I’ve mentioned this to my various endocrinologists and neurologists and nobody seems to come up with a good explanation. The headache eventually goes away when my blood sugar drops to a normal level.

Rapid changes up or down can trigger them for me… it’s not so much how high I am, but how I get there or how I come down from there…

High BG gives me a throbbing headache, but not a migraine. For years before being diagnosed I had debilitating headaches & some migraines. I wonder now if it was due to high BG because I never get headaches now, unless I’m high.

I always get them after having a really bad insulin reaction. My GP doesn’t get it, but my mom is right there with me, along with the tingly lips and tongue.

I have been suffering from migranes for so long but I didnt think it had much to do with BG levels. I know when I go low I feel headachy but i thought migranes were just stress or something… Maybe something to chat to my doc about…!

I was just diagnosed 2 months ago but have been having really BAD migranes for the last year. And am still having them. As a matter of fact I had one last week so bad that my I went to the hospital and they did a catscan and a spinal tap. Yeah that was fun. I thought it was a brain aneurysm. everythng came back fine. the spinal was to check for meningitis. Negative. These are not just “bad headaches” as the doctor said.

These are the worst pain you can imagine. I can take pain. This is like someone taking a drill to the side of my head and drilling in enough to catch a nerve…then slow down the speed of the drill and just twist the nerve around causing extreme, throbbing pain! I am not a suicidal person and have to much to live for. But…the pain gets so bad I just want to off myself to make it stop! The only thing I can do to help at all is to take a hot shower and run it directly on the side of my head. And that is not even helping much anymore. I have tried all kinds of medicine to help. But nothing does. I’m not sure if this is from having high blood sugar or not. I think I’m gonna start checking my BGL’s when I get one.

I get migraines, and low blood sugar is one of my migraine triggers. If I catch it early enough, I can usually deal with it with OTC drugs like Excedrin or with massive amounts of caffeine. :slight_smile: Sometimes the only thing I can do is sleep it off, even though it is SUPER hard to sleep with a migraine! But,yeah, I’ve been told by a CDE that they can definitely be triggered by blood sugar swings, in either direction.

I don’t get this, but rather headaches with ‘near’ hypos. If my BG is between 65-80 for several hours, I get a massive headache.

I do sometimes get a headache when my BG is low. However, when my BG is in the 150-175 range it usually triggers a massive migraine. I do my best to try to prevent post meal hyperglycemia but this usually means low blood sugar later on.

Since I started on insulin on Novemer 29, 2010, I have not had a single migraine or even a severe headache. I used to get both often.

My BG is at 223 right now and my head is pounding. Aghhhh!!

I get a headache if I’m above 100 for more than a couple hours. Before the headache sets in with high BG I’m so lethargic that moving to fix the headache is almost impossible.

Yes, I get a very bad headache when my BS is high. Never mentioned it to a doctor…just another “ache” you get with having diabetes is what I expect them to say. I take Tylenol and wait it out. Ahhhhh, the perks of being Diabetic…lol.

I get them a lot more now that I’m back on a pump and in better control than when I was just doing injections. If I get over 200 (high I know, but I used to run in the 400-500s), I feel like my head is going to explode. My husband can always tell when something isn’t quite right; when I get bad headaches I get mean.

The only time that I seem to experience headaches related to bloodsugar is when it rises to normal level after being low. I have no idea why…I have just come to accept that when my bs is low that I am going to have a headache later.