New symptom

When my bloodsugar is not in normal range, which is most of the time, I am experiencing severe headaches. This is a new one for me.

Anyone else have this issue?

I get pounding headaches when high. First the dry throat & then a headache. Goes away after BG comes down.

no likey

Me neither! Feels like my head is about to explode.

I had bad headaches for many years. Makes me wonder how long I was walking around undiagnosed with high BG because I only get headaches now with highs.

I have never had headaches, and I feel the same, like my head is going to explode. Keep thinking stroke city or something

I’ve thought the same about a stroke! Do you check your blood pressure?

hmmm, no, something else to worry about now :frowning: and if I tell MD they will want to do all sorts of tests.

I think I will go with old, hormonal, and the D for way too long, but it does give me more sympathy for my girlfriend that suffers from migraines

I sometimes get a headache with big BG’s. I also get a headache when I sub my toe. That has nothing to do with diabetes of course, but it does remind me of the hammer I keep in my truck. With that hammer, I often hit my toe, when I have a high blood sugar, because that takes my mind off of being so thirsty and thinking about all of this gives me a headache. Gash, I better go check my BG, so if my toe starts to hurt i will know why.

rick phillips


For sure! I get bad headaches, especially when my blood sugars swing from high to low or low to high. I also ALWAYS get an awful headache after lows. Not fun. If anyone has any home remedies for these kinds of headaches (other than “good blood sugar control”) I’d love to hear about them. :slight_smile:

Hmm…I have headaches ALL the time, like all day long. And they have only been the last couple of years since being diagnosed. I never thought about it as related to D, I guess because I have so many other medical disorders? I also get cluster headaches, which are the absolute worst pain. I recently found out I had a mini-stroke, but I never knew I had it (until the resulting damage became apparent), perhaps because I just attribute pain to the headaches or some other disorder.

Thanks for making me think about the connection to D. My mind is racing now. :slight_smile:

You can buy a decent home BP monitor for about $60. I keep meaning to get one. CVS has one you can use free near the pharmacy. My Kroger’s has one also.

Headache and high blood sugar almost always go hand in hand for me…

I will get a headache when I have had a low. I seem to not get them when I am high. Stress gives me a massive headache! I do hope it gets better for you. I have found that the only med that will get rid of my headaches is Aleve. xo

Lantus gave me a mild headache (or brain fog) all the time. Levemir (and the pump) do not. I also get a mild headache with a high or low.