Blood sugar notes

Does anyone keep notes for when blood sugars do something out of the ordinary even when you didn’t cause it just to know when you look at your cgm reports and may need an explanation ? If so what do you notate and in what??? I used to get paper records of blood sugars for accountabliity purposes, but I am trying to be digital. But I can’t remember from day to day if something odd happened or not.

Thanks Lori

I will sometimes keep a small (pocket siize) spril ring binder. I keep notes and transfer them to a spe=read sheet. it is a personal sort of diary. It is amzing i cna look back and see my life in the little books that are.


I’m not on a pump and don’t have a CGM, so I keep all my records on a spreadsheet. I’m retired, so most of my readings are taken at home. I keep my testing equipment on my computer desk and my insulin handy, so it is easy to record everything on the spreadsheet. Of course, on those days I take BG readings while I’m out, I just transfer the records from the memory on my meter to the spreadsheet when I get home.

And yes, in addition to columns for date, time, fasting BG, other BG, and insulin doses and type, I have a wide column for notes. Among the things I note are when I start a new Lantus or Apidra pen, how much my BG dropped over a certain period of time (on occasions when it seemed unusually fast or slow), and what I might have had to eat with a certain meal. This allows me to go back later and do a search for certain things. Like I might wonder how many units of insulin I took with a certain Chinese take-out meal and whether it was the correct amount. The next time I order that meal, I can look it up and adjust accordingly. I don’t bother listing food with every meal on this form, just those I expect to need as a reference later.