Blood sugar symptoms with gastroparesis

I think I have gastroparesis. I peak 2 hours after I eat. Trying to control with dual square wave at various settings. Went low before going high a few times. Had to suspend the pump until the bg went up and continue with rest of the insulin. Question: What are your bg symptoms for gastroparesis? I do feel somewhat full after I eat, no pain.



I have gastroparesis. Having higher BG two hours after eating is normal, if this is what you mean. Going low after eating & then high hours later is a sign of gastroparesis because of delayed stomach emptying. It’s frustrating, to say the least, & unpredictable!

I have dawn phenomenon, but wonder if part of this is really food hitting many hours later overnight when insulin is gone.

I don’t have any pain after eating, but I sometimes get this odd kind of queasy feeling when my stomach does empty.

Gastroparesis usually strikes hardest at dinner. Eating a heavy evening meal makes it worse. Red meat is hard to digest, so I eat poultry or fish. I was told to avoid raw foods, to make sure food is cooked well, to chew thoroughly & to avoid high fiber since fiber slows down digestion. I also take digestive enzymes with meals. I test constantly after dinner to catch the highs. Sometimes it takes 5-6 hours after I eat to digest.

Have you seen a gastroenterologist?.. I was having signs of gastroparesis and eventually had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and something called a Gastric Emptying Study… … You sound like you have some of the symptoms and I presume you mean a probiotic when your referring to enzymes… Should see your PCP and get a referral to a GI person… It can get worse …

Wish you luck.

Hi John,

I haven’t seen a specialist. My endo diagnosed gastroparesis from my logs.

Did your gastric emptying study show you have gastroparesis?

Nope, not probiotics. Digestive enzymes, as I wrote.

Never heard of them… Found that probiotics helped (regular servings of yogurt (but watch the carbs)… or the actual suppliments from the health food store… esp if you have a larger meal…

Actually the GES has a somewhat large false rate, because your digestive system isnt the same every day… No mine came back ok, but the GI guy still thinks i have the start of gastroparesis.

Probotics are different. Digestive enzymes have been around forever. They contain actual enzymes that break down food.

My endo said a gastric emptying study wasn’t definitive, so I didn’t bother. Sorry you didn’t get any real results.