How did you know you had gastroparesis? What were your symptoms? I will bolus and eat a meal, go low/lower end of normal bg and then hours later its like the food "catches up" and my blood sugar goes soaring.

I also have had a LOT of gastro problems the past 2 years and have had ct scan, endoscopy, and lots of labwork done to only be told its "diabetic stomach damage". I've only had type 1.5 diabetes 3 years, on insulin for 1.5.

To rule out other gastro problems: is your stool normal or is diarrhea / fatty stool more common?

ALWAYS fatty/diarrhea. They have said IBS and diabetic stomach damage. My highest A1C ever until this past month (7.9!!) was 6.1.

What you describe is exactly how my gastroparesis was discovered. Lows after eating, highs hours later when insulin was about gone. I was diagnosed less than a year when gastroparesis reared its ugly head.

Gee, diabetic stomach damage isn't too descriptive.

I didn't bother having a stomach emptying study because morning when the test is done is the least problematic time.

Gastroparesis makes managing diabetes a whole new frustrating game. I typically bolus 1.5-2 hours after eating dinner. I'm careful not to eat too much fiber, raw vegetables (though I still eat salad) & red meat, that takes forever to digest.

You just had T1 for some years. I have doubts that these 3 years have already caused such damage to your nervous system. With your A1c I would rule that out.

There is a correlation between T1 and the development of an insufficiency of the pancreas. This means the specific enzymes of the pancreas are not produced in sufficient amounts. As a result many fatty components of our food can not be digested correctly. The fat will enter stages of the intestine were the fat is supposed to be already processed by the enzymes. As a result you will have much trouble with your digestion, bloating, gas and so forth. With the fatty stool you also loose many vitamins.

The good thing is that you can rule that out easily. You just have to buy the pancreatic enzymes - also called pancreatin - over the counter. If you have no insufficiency it does not do any harm to have more enzymes than needed. You take them with every meal for at least 4 weeks. In this period the digestion should improve.

Very likely many patients with IBS have this kind of problem.