Blood vessel bleeding in the white of the eye

Second time,this has happened to me.After a few days,it stops.Does anyone know what this caused from or?started this morning,and i put an ice pack on it for bout 15minutes-20minutes,it has not gotten any worse.

Input please!

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Not sure, but one possibility is a spike in your blood pressure. It's definitely worth talking to your doctor about.....Blessings and keep us posted!.....

My husband and mother both have done this several times. They saw their eye doctors and were told each time that it is just a weak vessel and nothing to worry about as long as you have no other symptoms, like headache, pain, blurred vision etc. I would also consider your blood pressure-maybe you could have it checked at the pharmacy or maybe someone you know could check it. Are you on any blood thinners or anything like aspirin that could be thinning your blood? Eyesight is never anything to take lightly, but usually this is not too much to worry about although it looks very scary for sure! Hope everything is ok!

Definitely talk with your doctor about this. Hopefully you also see an eye doctor for a check-up every year since they can detect possible complications from diabetes early. Early detection and treatment helps preserve good eyesight.

Thank you everyone that had input for me to read!it was helpful,ty for reading(listening).

Diagnosed at age 19,45 now,retina detached in left eye 2009,numerous laser therapy,catarac removed in that eye too.Right eye,numerous laser therapys done,regular check ups with retina surgeon!Just a brief synopsis of my eye disease

I'm glad you're taking care of your eyes, CALily. Keeping blood sugar in good control is another way to help protect your eyes.

I would certainly encourage you to see your ophthalmologist to make sure everything is ok, but I would also tell you that a surface eye bleed is a fairly common occurrence and is not generally considered serious. It can be caused by something as simple as a sneeze. This type of bleed, called a subconjunctival hemorrhage happens when a small blood vessel on the surface of the eye breaks, releasing blood essentially causing a bruise. Since your eye is white, it can look really bad, as though you have a huge bleed, but often it is small. But, like a bruise, it can take some time to look better as your body has to reabsorb the blood from the bruise.

Certainly see a doctor to make sure, he will be able to give you a full exam to make sure there is nothing more serious going on.

no bigdeal i guess LOL...she said yesterday,that it looked like a tiny red dot,made me think,and i recall having my favorite cat mittens,sleeping with me,under my blankets,but she likes to sleep with her head on my pillow,close to me,and i recall her,putting a paw onto my eye lid!i dont know,maybe she accidently scratched it!but all is good!