Burst blood vessel in eye?

I’m an overweight 44 yo T1. I just went to the ophthalmologist 3 months ago (all looked good).
I’ve been exercising a lot lately… the spring thing that I always do. I don’t know if that’s related or not but last night friends started asking me what was wrong with my eye. I blew it off, it feels fine and I didn’t know what they were talking about.
I just looked - my right eye is full of blood. It doesn’t hurt (well it does now, but you say the word “headache” to me and I get a headache, so I think it’s psychosomatic).
I’m wondering if I should
A) ignore it, it will go away
B) go to a doctor
C) go to an ophthalmologist

Go to an ophthalmologist immediately… truly better not to “wait and see” with this one… sorry.

First is the eye red, like a blood vessel burst in the white area or are you actively bleeding w/in your eye? Do both of your pupils respond to light (shine a light and watching a mirror)? What is your blood pressure? My advice, since you also have a headache, go to your doc NOW. If the headache progresses in intensity, you notice weakness in one side or start to slur any speech go to your doc or the ER.

It’s blood around the white area. I’ve done this sort of looking injury to myself by scratching the eye (eg while playing ultimate or some such for-fun sport). I’m only concerned because AFAIK, I didn’t do anything.
I think both pupils are reacting normally. My vision isn’t really affected, except for the psychosomatic effects.
Thanks, I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist. They said I was second in line in their “emergency” spots they keep open, so in about an hour.

good work

I hope everything is OK with your eye. Keep us posted. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

Go see your doctor be safe. But let me just relate my inquiries on the topic. Let me first note that my wife considers me to be a bit childish. I lift weights, focused on the squat (you know what I mean SuFu). I use a maneuver called the Valsalva which involves restricting the air in your lungs, and one of the effects is surges in blood pressure. One day, my workout partner got an eye bleed from squatting. He went home and his wife went ballistic. He went to the doctor and was just sent home. We thought it was a total hoot. Ever since then we go workout till our “eyes bleed.” Like I said, certain people consider me childish. (continued).

Well, next time I had an appointment with my optho, I asked him. He told me that the surface vessels on the eye do bruise or bleed on occasion, but the it is almost never an issue. It is like a bruise, it won’t effect your eye sight and it will heal. But it looks terrible. Go see a doctor, make sure that things are ok, then go workout till your eyes bleed.

The doc, though, told me it is a concern if it happens a lot. He was mostly concerned in my case, though, because I hadn’t done anything to cause it.
I did do crossfit after the crossfit coach had noticed it - so probably made it worse, but all I’d been doing before that was aerobic stuff.
Anyway, you are right, no biggie.