BlueCross Insurance declares DexCom "out of network"

I've been a DexCom CGMS user for about 2 1/2 years and always ordered my sensors directly from DexCom. I have BlueCross insurance and per DexCom, in mid-October BlueCross declared DexCom "out of network" and therefore I couldn't order from DexCom any more. DexCom forwarded my order, prescription, name, address, etc., to a distributor (their choice of distributor) who'd accept my insurance (and the cost of the sensors increased as a result). The distributor's warehouse is in New York; they were backlogged on orders and then the hurricane hit, which affected shipments (mine finally came from DexCom with a different company's name on the packing slip). The people at the distributor are nice, but have no access to tracking numbers, shipment dates, etc. It took 4 weeks to get a box of sensors. If you have BlueCross insurance, you may be in for a long wait for supplies, as well as increased costs.

Um... well then: Blue Cross can be very sure that my 5.1 A1C, no-complications, distance-running, Dexcom-using butt will never, ever be paying their premiums as a customer!

I'm sorry to hear this. Do you have any other insurer choices?

I too have bluecross and pay about $50 per month for my sensors. I order from Diabetes Management and Supplies; they are based out of New Orleans. They are a great company and have excellent customer service. If interested, their number is 504-734-7165

Also - they ship sensors out fast and always email you the tracking number. I usually get them within 10 days of placing my order.

Have you checked to see if Blue Cross covers Edgepark Medical. They are always very fast with my Dex and Pods.

Oh no! We had a really bad supplier (Edgepark) for awhile. We were so frustrated with them that we called Dexcom to see if we had any alternatives. They told us of a second supplier that we could use. We are now with Diabetes Services Center and they are fantastic. Our insurance is with United Health Care, so I don't know if you can go through them, of course. Maybe you can find another supplier?

Wondering what issues you had with Edgepark?

Endless billing errors and horrible customer service. Impersonal, non-caring employees and endless red tape.

I’ve had very good service from Edgepark, so I guess as with everything else, YMMV. I’ve always gotten everything Dex from them and the service has been speedy and accurate. I’m getting my Gen4 upgrade directly from Dexcom because I was still in warranty and it is a cash purchase. But I’ll be getting the new Gen4 sensors from Edgepark because they’ll be covered by insurance.

Do you mean Diabetes Specialty Center (out of Utah). I used them and was very happy when I was under United. I'm blessed with a group Aetna PPO HRA now, but vouch for Diabetes Specialty Center based on my experience.

I have Blue Cross and I also use Edgepark Medical for all my Dex supplies - as Blue Cross wouldn't fully cover directly from Dexcom. I've never had a problem with them. And I just got my new G4 today! Luckily I have an out of pocket each year to pay before my Dex & Omnipod stuff is 100% covered, but since it's the end of the year, my G4 was fully paid for!

I think it depends which BCBS plan you have, out of 100's if not 1000's, I called mine and they are still preferred DME suppliers

Dexcom is still a Federal BCBS participant and run everything through California Blue Shield. This is puzzling.

Avoid Edgepark if at all possible. They dump everything back to Dexcom.

Sounds like all BCBS policies/coverage areas have differing rules. After placing my order with a distributor (Diabetes Specialty Center), it was shipped from DexCom. Heaven only knows what Blue Cross was thinking---or do they own Byram Health Care which bought out Diabetes Specialty Center June 1???

Thanks. DexCom sent all my info to Diabetes Specialty Center without consulting with me first. My first and only experience with DSC was not good. Needless to say, I am reluctant to ask DexCom for referrals now. I have learned of other suppliers through this blog, so I can check those with my insurance to find ones considered "in network".

I too have Blue Cross and I buy all of my Dexcom units and supplies through Liberty Medical. I've never had a problem.

This was my experience also. In addition, every time I had a problem with my 7+ Dexcom (wore one for less than a year before switching to Dexcom from Edgepark), Edgepark would take all of the information and then either call me back later with instructions to call Dexcom direct or they would try and conference me with Dexcom. In every case Edgepark provided only aggravation and headachs. I am glad some of you have had good experience, but my opinion is WATCH OUT.

oy…I have BCBS of MA and use neighborhood Diabetes as my suppliers as I had an issue with animas directly. Thanks for the heads up as I just wrote about my problem with losing my dexcom