Dexcom Order Supplies

Just about to make my first supply order since I got the CGM 7+ and I'm on their site. There is no place for me to input my insurance information, so how do I end up getting charged? Do I have to pay full up front and then get reimbursement through insurance to get supplies?

What do you all do?

I place my order through Edgepark online. After insurance coverage, I pay ~$49 for one box (4 sensors) every month.

I’ve never placed a Dexcom order online. I’ve always called their toll-free number and talked to a live representative. Each time they verified my insurance coverage with a separate call to my carrier. Then they call me back and ask for a credit card number to cover any difference. I don’t think that an online transaction site could do this unless you authorize an open-ended amount.

I prefer online transactions but with my Dexcom sensors I will continue with the toll-free call. Good luck.

I always ask that they email me with a Fedex tracking number so I can follow the physical progress of the order.


Wow. Is this normal?
On the Dexcom site, a 4 pack of sensors is $275
On Edgepark a 4 pk of sensors is $538.80

Is that just inflation?

thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

Ok. This is very good advice. I will call them.

Thanks so much!

(This has got to be the fastest answer to my questions ever you guys. 10 minutes?!?! haha.)

I’m looking at my last invoice for sensors. They priced a four-pack at $399 “list price” and then granted the insurance company a discount which leaves the “contract price” at $279.30. I pay 20% of the price plus any annual deductible.

My last shipment was for a three-month supply of 12 sensors – an increase from previous shipments of 8 sensors.