Bolus canceled

My daughter has an Animas Ping. On a few occasions we get an alert that says for example 4.85u of 5.85u canceled. I read that as being 4.85 units were not delivered when in fact,according to tech support, it means that 4.85 was actually delivered and we were short only one unit. I find this message very confusing. Does anyone else interpret it the way I did. I spoke to Tech support and they could see my confusion. I have added a photo of the bolus history.
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I have never interpreted it like that, but I also tend to watch my bolus as it delivers, so I can't say I've ever had to rely on the history alone to determine how much was delivered. I can see how it could be interpreted that way, though.

I read the manual and it suggests that the meter remote (that is what "(W)" means) canceled the delivery of the bolus and as tech support told you, only 4.85 of the 5.85 was delivered. Perhaps this was an accidental butt cancel.

I’ve seen that too, but like Jen, I guess i interpreted it correctly. Even if I’m not watching the pump, I can always hear it, so I’m usually aware of how much is delivered.

I watch mine as being delivered; that way I am always sure I got it all. I have accidently hit a butten while being delivered which caused it to stop delivery.

I believe the message is "Bolus cancelled. 4.85 of 5.85 delivered." If you get that frequently, it might help to change the channel.

Why does the Animas Ping cancel a portion of the bolus? Is it preset to a particular maximum bolus which is exceeded?

No, it has nothing to do with that, Kim, though you do program in a maximum and that can be exceeded, but that is a separate thing. The message described above is some kind of glitch where the delivery doesn't complete, so it is telling you how much WAS delivered so you know what you still need. Do other pumps never have this problem with delivery? I had this awhile ago and changed the channel then rarely had it anymore. But now I have a new pump and forgot what channel I used so I'm getting it again!

Can't say I've ever seen this with my Medtronic. Interesting. I can see the confusion though.

I just looked at the picture and see why the confusion. (The "W" is an upside down M for meter/remote, Brian!). In the history it reads exactly as if 4.85 was cancelled not delivered.But since it's a History what it's saying in effect is "The status of this bolus is 'cancelled'. 4.85 of 5.85 was delivered". I can see how that would be confusing.

What I was referring to, however, was the error message. When this happens to me, I get an alarm right away and the screen then reads "bolus cancelled. 4.85 of 5.85 delivered". This message is more clear. Don't you get that alert?

The ping has a safeguard so that if you hit any button during delivery, it will cancel. This is for like, if you accidentally dialed in much. However, I get it I think if my remote is moved too far from the pump.

Thanks Zoe, that is what I meant, but I'm sometimes a bit dsylxic. The pump is reporting that the bolus was cancelled by the meter/remote.

Thanks Zoe, I have also had that message on the pump but this one definitely said 4.85 of 5.85 cancelled. If you look at my image on history it says the same as the remote said when it was trying to deliver.

Yes we realize that, but no one touched anything at the time this happened. It has happened on previous occasions as well when we have not pressed any buttons. Thanks for the reply anyway. I spoke to Animas and have asked them to please make note of it as they can see how the confusion happens as well

I think that I will try and change the channel Zoe and see if that helps. Because of my misinterpretation yesterday, we were dealing with low blood sugars in the afternoon because I gave her 4.85 units-which I thought had been canceled- when it was really the 1 unit that was canceled. If it continues to happen I am going to take a photo of the message on the remote and send it to Animas and request either a new meter or a new pump - whichever is causing the issue.

Yes sometimes we get that alert but more often get the one we got yesterday. I don't understand why the two different messages. There needs to be some consistency. The "bolus cancelled 4.85 of 5.85 delivered" is very clear.

The picture you included, Cindy isn't an alert; it's from the History Menu - you would have had to go to that menu to see it. But you also should have gotten the alert right when the incident happened - unless somehow you have that turned off. If you are not getting an alert right when it happens, I would definitely talk to Animas.

I always get an alert if the bolus is cancelled prematurely (either by me accidentally pressing a button or the connection getting interrupted). The alert is much more clear than the History log.

I know that some alerts can be turned off (I have all of mine enabled), and also that you have the option of having alerts display on only the pump (I have mine set to display on the pump AND meter remote), so maybe either of these factors accounts for the difference.

Hi again Zoe. We got the alert right when it happened but of course did not think to take the photo of it. I took the history photo just to show everyone what it looks like on the screen as the alert wording is th same on the history menu as well as the original alert.

Are you looking at the alert on the meter? It should say: Bolus cancelled,(move pump closer or change channel) 4.85 of 5.85 cancelled. If not, then there is definitely something screwy.