Animas Ping Question

Hey has anyone had this issue before… I’m using the Animas Ping and for the last two days my combo boluses have been canceling themselves. Fortunately, I’m a bit OCD and have noticed before too long, but I’ve called customer support and all they can tell me is to change the RF channel and see if it’s an issue with the remote being too far away from the pump. I’ve had it cancel twice, once via the remote, and the second time on the pump itself. I haven’t done any priming or anything, which I know cancels the combo, but I’m not sure if it’s just a fluke…



I have an Animas 2020 not the Ping. This past winter/spring I had several occurrences of the combo bolus cancelling. I called support and went through many folks and many calls - mostly they said it was operator error, but in my opinion it was not. I got my Endo and CDE involved who got me to speak with a local Animas Clinical Support person. He was able to get the company to replace my pump. Have had no problems since.

Really? I’m currently in the phone call stage… I love this pump and it’s not happened since, but it did lose it’s prime yesterday which the support person told me it can happen from time to time and isn’t a “flaw” of the pump. Ever had problems with that?

Wow! I’ve never had either of these things happening since going on the Animas 2020 pump (like the Ping - but no remote - lucky you Elizabeth - no lifting of your skirts to bolus ).

I did have a problem with water or some some sort of gucky stuff in the battery reservoir during my holidays a few weeks ago. Freaked me out, but I it didn’t effect the pump and how it worked. When I got back to Canada, called up Animas to tell them about it, and within 1/2 an hour, they insisted on my sending the pump back, and to keep the spanking brand new vacation loaner.

Elizabeth - I think if you keep note of all the things happening - and it starts to become too much - demand that they give you a new pump - it’s under warranty for 4 years!

Yeah, I’ve not been that lucky with mine! I’ve only had it for a month! I can write off the first time as simply “working out the kinks” but the second and third time… hmmm… lol! I don’t know what the issue is with the reps that i get. The last one was really nice, but she was very hesitate to say that something was “wrong” with it. I think she and her supervisor, as she conferenced her in, were under the assumption that it HAD to be something that I did being a new pumper and all… I will give it one more time, then I’m insisting that they replace it and if i have to get my doc involved as Tom said, then I will! lol! Thanks Anna! You’re always a good help!

I have had no problems with losing the prime. Have you talked with a local Animas Clinical Rep? They can help you work through issues.

I will be calling on Monday as I have an issue that I need to have a CDE help me with… I’m sure that once things are evened out it will be great!

Losing your prime happens a lot to me this time of year. It is always caused by a drastic change in temperature. If I go running outside, and come in, it will usually alarm about 30-45 minutes later. I wouldn’t call it a flaw in the pump, but I try and take care to not let the pump have a drastic change in temp.

About the canceling the bolus, I’ve only had that happen once, and when I checked my pump, it had actually delivered the full bolus. If that is common, I would wonder about the meter…

So far I’ve loved my pump, and I hope you get everything fixed ASAP! Good luck.


That was the first question they at Animas asked me. I live in Atlanta so it’s not really cold here, plus my pump was in my pocket so the likelihood was/is that it wasn’t from the weather. I just say that my pump has personality… I’ve even named her- Sophia Grace… lol

I have had this happen and it appears I’ve hit a button to cancel it.

This happened to me today, but as the case with Mandy, after reviewing the pump,it had delivered the bolus as it was supposed to. The message was displayed on the meter… i think it was more of connectivity problem. like it lost contact with the pump for a moment.