Bolus Canceled

I am using a new PDM. My last PDM started taking BG's that were way off. I used to always wait until the bolus was finished to walk away from my PDM (usually sticking it in my pocket)....but then I read someone's post about how they 'wait for the 2 beeps' and then walk away because they know that the bolus has taken.
With my new behavior, I look at my high blood sugar reading on my Dexcom CGM and check my PDM for the last bolus and it says things like. bolus 0.15 bolus canceled. It is happening a lot. Do I need to return to the 'pocket bolus'? Has anyone else had a problem with 'bolus canceled'? I have it set so it gives me an 'end bolus beep'. Maybe I need to always wait for that one? Impatient, I guess. :-(

My daughter always walks away before it is done delivering and the PDM never says bolus canceled.

Are you sure you’re not accidentally pressing buttons when you put it away, ie the button under “cancel bolus”?

I wait for the message that bolus is delivering and walk away. No problems.

My son also always walks away and has never had one canceled. I would call someone about that - sounds like a bad PDM?

I wait for it to confirm the start of the bolus with the two beeps (I think those are called confidence alerts in the settings page). Then I actually press and hold the on/off button to make it go to sleep and turn the screen off to save battery. I do this every time. It continues the bolus w/o issue.

I too always walk away once it starts delivering and I hear the first delivery click from the pod. I have never had any non-delivery messages. Although from time to time, I end up pressing Extend instead of Confirm when I am in a rush delaying my bolus until I notice I didn't deliver it- that's easy to fix though. The only messages I get are Stuck Key (when I jam it into the cover in a hurry), Low Reservoir, or Pod Expiry Alert (change time).

Even if the PDM is not communicating with the Pod because it's too far away before I start a bolus, I still don't get a bolus not delivered message. Maybe a completely stupid question, but is it possible that a Bolus Reminder message is coming up and the bolus is actually being delivered?

Sorry couldn't help more. Let us know if you get this figured out. Thanks.

Ok, after trying it, it can’t be a bolus reminder. It does seem like hitting the cancel button accidentally might do it though. My buttons are fairly hard to press by accident but I guess its possible to have buttons that are easier. A I said earlier, I have had a stuck button from time to time depending how I put it away, so just maybe…

If it says "bolus cancelled" then it means you must have pressed the "cancel" button (the top left soft button) and, probably, a confirm after that. It's easy to accidentally press cancel, partly because turning the PDM off means holding down the home button for 2 seconds; if it was just a single press then mistakes would be much less likely.

The PDM won't cancel the bolus, so far as I know, unless 'cancel' is pressed while it is being delivered. (The pod might cancel it, on out-of-insulin or expiry.) I think that's a very good argument for *NOT* putting it in your pocket while it is turned on - it's too easy to press buttons at random, however it's very annoying having that two second delay before it turns off - my "Home" button is already very worn.

John Bowler

I always walk away after the 2 beeps and before it is done delivering and the PDM never says bolus canceled.

Thank you everyone for your comments! It sounds like I may need to call! I liked the idea of only listening for the 2 beeps, and I am glad that you all confirmed that!