Book Review: Sugar Free Support, by Naomi Kingery, aka The Diabetic Diva

This incredibly compassionate book is written for people who have loved-ones with diabetes. In it, Naomi (The Diabetic Diva) shares her thoughts and experiences as a person who has had type 1 diabetes since her youth, and very kindly discusses the forms of support that have and have not been helpful to her.

Filled with her own stories and experiences, I think this book is especially great for anyone who feels lost, scared or overwhelmed in their efforts to support someone they love who has diabetes. What do you say at dessert time? What do you not say? Why, when you try to be helpful and sympathetic, does your loved-one get upset with you? Will questions about food or blood sugars be perceived as caring or nagging?

I know that when I was a kid growing up with diabetes my parents did not know of any book like this, and they probably would have really loved to read it! Naomi places no blame, expresses no impatience, and makes no assumptions about what a person "should know" or "should figure out" about their loved-one's experience with diabetes. She acknowledges that being part of a support team can be really tough, and that our supporters need help too.

Sugar Free Support is a super-quick read, at about 50 pages, and can be purchased for $5 as an eBook through Amazon Kindle ( or Barnes and Noble Nook (

I don't think I have ever had contact with anyone quite like Naomi Kingery. She is a bright, knowledgeable and wonderfully engaging young woman; who is grounded in her faith, principles in life and goals. Her goals are lofty, to say the least, and she strives daily to exceed them. Naomi knows where she has been, knows where she is and knows where she is going. It is little wonder that she has put together the Sugar Free series for the support of young diabetics and those who love them. She has a firm grasp of diabetes and how it can make all of us better. She shares that approach in her writing and her work.

I fully agree with you, Emily, that Naomi's book should be nearly required reading. She is one who speaks well, and is deserving of a listen. We all would be better if we do.

Sometimes, it's good to be diabetic.

Thank you Emily, and Brian, for these amazing and kind words which I am greatly humbled by! I appreciate the support and am so excited to continue to get my writing out there into the hands of those it will benefit the most. I truly believe that by uniting together we can strive to reach our highest potential, and having the DOC as my cheerleaders has definitely pushed me to be able to do so.

If there are any TuD members or my readers who ever need anything, please feel free to reach out to me personally.

I'm going to buy my husband this book right now for his Nook. I haven't realized until pretty recently that it's not just a pain being a diabetic. . .it's also a pain living with one.

Thanks, Naomi, in advance.