Less stress with diabetes through organizing your life with help from Susan and Leslie

Susan and Leslie, a recognized certified diabetes educator and an authority on helping people become organized, combine their respective powerful strengths into "The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life", a must-read title for people with diabetes: one that focuses not on WHAT things to do when you live with diabetes, but on HOW to fit them into your busy lifestyle, how to make them work. From the second you wake up, to getting ready to get out of the house, being at work, and getting to the end the day, each moment in your diabetes day has a chapter devoted to it.

Each chapter is chock full of ideas about projects and ideas to help you organize your life to make room for the things that diabetes brings to it, and lists of mobile iPhone and Android apps relevant to each topic. From ideas on how to best store, plan for, and label things, every chapter is a treasure chest to help your blood sugars through lessened stress and better diabetes management.

All through the book, sidebars from people you know (and if you don’t know them, you should) that live with diabetes and have an organized diabetes life accompany the topics at hand. For example, on the sidebar in page 127, AADE's 2013 certified diabetes educator of the year (and type 1 diabetes patient), Gary Scheiner talks about the most important BG testing in the entire day: at nighttime, to ensure most any low or high blood sugars before bedtime don't go unattended.

The book closes with a phenomenal Diabetes Travel Guide chapter. I highly recommend this title: there's lots you can learn in "The Complete Diabetes Organizer" regardless of how long you have had diabetes.

Thanks Manny - It's always interesting to read another perspective on the everyday things that we live with, and how to better manage them. Looking forward to checking it out.

how do you think after 77 + years with T1 i managed without this book............by being organized.
but it's a great book i'm sure for those who are not.

We need to clone you, Shoshana!! :)


You save my life everyday.